Um, As if!


So, this is Junior Year?

Recent studies show that I am on average, going to sleep later than midnight due to the combination of my busy schedule, heavy homework and study load, and fatigue. If you are wondering if this is a research article on the average time a junior in high school finishes their work and goes to sleep, its not. This is my reality, and it only goes down hill from here, or so I hear. SAT Prep. College Counseling. 4.0 GPA or higher. Extracurricular. Teacher Recommendations. Ring a bell? To me, it’s all that has been running through my mind ever since school started. I really am not sure if I should be stressed about doing well in school and on all of these crazy college exams, or not. Considering a senior in my French class told me that she made and studied 50 new vocabulary words each day of junior year for the SAT, and I still haven’t even started my prep for it, well that makes me a little worried. Who am I supposed to trust to give me good advice when the first person tells me not to study for my first attempt at the SAT when the next person tells me to start studying sophomore year! It’s a tough call, really. So, hopefully my meetings with a college counselor will clear everything up and my schedule won’t seem so cloudy and unclear as it seems to me right now.

What frustrates me the most, is that I have such difficulty with managing my time well, not procrastinating, and studying for my exams and quizzes well enough before falling asleep at night. I am a great sleeper, and this year I really feel wish I were one of those “undiagnosed insomniac’s” because they have all the time of the night to finish homework and such without the worries of droopy eyelids or the inviting pillow next to your computer. With field hockey everyday and the late night returns to my house after a tiring game and 2-hour bus ride, studying for my weekly AP Bio quizzes and tests isn’t usually so successful. I end up falling asleep after about five sentences of material. I realized that my bed is the enemy and coffee is my ally. Oh, and twitter is definitely another enemy of mine because it always seems so entertaining when your other option is studying polysaccharides and glycosidic linkages. I’m impressed I even remembered those two words just now.

So, I am not sure if I bit off more than I will be able to chew, but my after school schedule and activities are pretty packed. I have field hockey practice three times a week and two games per week so basically, everyday. By the way I am JV Captain. I am the secretary of my school’s Drama Board and I am pretty sure I will be performing in the musical next semester. I have A Cappella rehearsal for an hour and a half on Mondays and Wednesdays. I have Blue Crew Meetings in the morning before school at least once a month. I am a CSF Tutor for French and English and I really don’t know when I am going to get much tutoring credit, but we’ll see. And I am hoping to become an editor for the school newspaper, which I wrote for last year, The Talon.  Who knew I could take on so much responsibility? I sure didn’t! I am frightened for my life to see where this school year takes me and how low my under eyes will be drooping by the end of the semester. So, all I can hope for are the days to magically present extra hours of time for me, and for weekends that don’t pass by in a span that seems like .23 seconds.

So am I going to make fifty flashcards and study them every night?  As the lovely fashionista and one of my role models, Cher, would say, “AS IF!”

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