Fall Haul

These are some recently purchased items that I am hoping will become key essentials to my fall wardrobe and great pieces to wear on my East Coast College Tour next week!

I am really excited that plaid is coming into play this season! And since I have always been more prone to buying colorful pieces, I decided that I am going to give black a try this year. I also finally got a pair of cute boyfriend jeans! My next purchase is going to be a black, leather motorcycle jacket!




Boyfriend jeans, classic red plaid shirt w/ gold spikes as the buttons for edge. Baggy black sweater with gold zipper detailing.


I can’t wait to make these black booties my go-to’s! ^^^


High waisted plaid shorts + white work shirt + pullover black sweater with white collar= Upper East Side Preppy.


Skinny Navy Chords + Cropped, fitted navy pinstripe quarter length arm shirt= Quite Sailoresque!

Get the clothes:

Boyfriend Jeans: Zara


Navy Pinstripe Shirt: Zara


Navy Chords: Free People


Red Plaid Shirt: bought @ Fairfax flee market: Vintagerdeux

(couldn’t find online)

Black Sweater w/ zippers: Forever 21

Black Boots: Free People


Plaid Shorts: Asos Shorts in Tartan


Black Sweater: ASOS

White Work Shirt: ASOS

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