Boston Beginnings: ECCT Entry 2

After landing, we took our first steps into the crisp Boston air and it finally felt like fall. We took a bus to our hotel and I was ecstatic to see where the road led us. Through the rain-drop splattered glass windows I saw trees of autumn ombre shades and traditional Victorian style homes plopped along the fresh green soil. It was such a refreshing change to actually experience true fall weather compared to the average 85 degree California weather and non-changing leaves and I couldn’t wait to finally dress for the part! Boots, scarves, sweaters, pants, everything high fashion just screams fall! We arrived at the hotel, a Best Western just a short ride away from Harvard Square and moved into our rooms. I slipped on my Hunter rain boots, grabbed my Marc Jacobs purse, and Caroline (my roommate) and I ventured into Harvard Square with the rest of the group. Serena and I skipped down the slippery pavement and hunted for perfect picture spots, of which there were many potential areas in the adorable neighborhood. We ate at a fun, friendly brewery kind of like BJ’s and gathered ourselves around a homey, large round table. I ate a delicious bowl of clam chowder and a hearty lobster mac n’ cheese and we finished our night with a stop by Ben and Jerry’s. Let’s just say it was a dinner for champions and my stomach is going to need a long night of rest to recover and de-bloat.  The entire night made me feel like I was in college on a wild weekend night just roaming the town with a big group of friends! This freedom, this independence, and all the potential the young night held for us felt so right. Realizing how I can completely steer my life in any direction I want once I leave for college, with nothing and nobody holding me back makes me even more impatient to graduate high school.  Tomorrow, we visit Harvard and fortunately get to explore more of the beautiful city of Boston. Wish me luck tomorrow morning as I struggle to decide if wearing my new Free People black booties is worth it for the sake of high fashion or if the possibility of a rain sprinkling will result in a fashion downgrade.</p><p                                                    ~xoxo Ali~





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