ECCT 4: B as in Boston

Right now, I am sitting on the bus next to Caroline, pillow pets tightly gripped and our bodies limp and weak from the eventful day. As we depart Boston, I can’t help but feel sad; I was really starting to grow an attachment to this amazing city I know I will have to return to someday, if only for the mouthwatering cannoli’s and charming town square. This morning, I felt like a chubby bum. Getting out of bed was not even an option in my mind until I was practically forced to if I wanted to at least look decent for the day. It probably wasn’t the smartest idea to stay up until 2 last night, but I just HAD to find my camera and that meant tearing apart my entire suitcase! I mean, how else would I have found it, even if it was underneath the bed the whole time? Trust me it can’t get worse than this, after I had to buy a memory card because my dad forgot to put one in, and then to realize the battery died. So, I didn’t think there could be anything more that could happen unless my camera flew out of the bus or spontaneously died. Anyways, our first stop was…. BOSTON UNIVERSITY. And wow, it was seriously amazing. Just like how Emerson inspired me, Boston University gave me that same feeling, as if there were endless possibilities available to me at the touch of a button. What I really found appealing about BU, was that it fit the median between a completely liberal artsy school and the traditional rah-rah sporty Greek school. While their main sport isn’t football, the school goes crazy over their good old ice hockey games, and I personally have always enjoyed with hockey more than football, I love watching a couple of good punches and cuss words thrown out on the court, it really spices things up! Plus, unlike some of the other urban, creative schools, BU actually has great Greek life, both for sororities and fraternities. I wasn’t sure 100% if I wanted to be a part of Greek life before I went on this tour, but I am pretty much certain that I will definitely want to be in a sorority. Making friends for life, planning events and parties, bonding and doing adorable activities and secret traditional sorority stuff, and meeting all the frat boys? Sounds like legally blonde, so it sounds good to me! I also really enjoyed walking around the campus, I saw people of all different cultures, backgrounds, and everybody had their own unique style. They really emphasize the whole “be you” philosophy, get it? The campus was vibrant, lively, and truly inspiring. My tour guide, Megan, said that she feels as if she is always said “yes” to at BU. And don’t even get me started on the dorm and housing options! BU kids have the opportunity to live in apartments stacked on the most adorable streets I’ve seen yet in Boston! They look like little colorful townhouses with bright doors and accommodated by the beautiful fall trees. Fancy living is probably a perk, no? I also enjoyed how there are tons of student run programs and theatre and musical theatre options, as well as radio stations and great technology for students to use. Just like Emerson! Plus, they have great journalism opportunities, newspapers, magazine, and millions of the artistic outlets I am dying to get involved in! And they also have WONDERFUL study abroad options for their students that are paired with amazing internships that BU finds for you so you can be learning, interning, or just having a good time! So, I guess I could be living in Paris and taking French and art history classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and interning at a fashion magazine on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays! Well, at least I am hoping it turns out like that! And unlike Emerson, you are allowed to audition for the theatre and musical theatre productions that are put on and performed by the kids who major specifically in musical theatre and such. Well, we are departing the bus to grab a bite, so I’ll report back in a few!

I am back from dinner out in the lovely, totally non-sketchy town of Hartford. We had a bunch of Italian food and I am completely stuffed, so hopefully people don’t think I am the next star of sixteen and pregnant. Serena, Caroline, Taylor, Emma, Isabel and I roamed the streets, with the accompaniment of our counselors of course because who knows what really happens in Hartford, and tore through a local market to find fatty foods that would fulfill our girl cravings. We scurried back to the hotel, and I managed to propose to Serena with a flower, dance on a pole with Miley Cyrus buns bobbing on my hair, and sing a couple of tunes. The Italian food obviously got to me.

                So continuing on the topic of BU, I can really visualize myself walking down the urban, funky neighborhood every day, engaging myself in small, circle seminar classes that rack my brain and keep me yearning for answers and questions. And of course after a fulfilling class discussion, meeting up with my artsy friends to rehearse our student written, produced, and designed musical, and then finishing the day off with a party or event hosted by me and my sorority sisters! Just typing this is making me so excited for the innumerable amount of possibilities awaiting me in the future! Not to mention, our tour guide said she was going to her sailing class after our meeting, because the sparkling Charles River happens to be right along the campus, and the idea of sailing brings me back to my sleep-a-way camp, so I am guessing I’ll be sailing or canoeing on the Charles a couple times a month, and of course meeting my a cappella group weekly!

                Continuing along the tour, because I couldn’t just drop everything and steal a dorm at BU and HOPE nobody noticed, we made our way to Boston College, basically the salt to BU’s pepper, if that makes any sense at all. My first impression was that the campus was absolutely breathtaking. It was a mere image of Hogwarts, or a grand castle in the French Basque Country or even the Netherlands. I immediately felt relaxed and in awe when walking around the campus. The skyscraping limestone-like stones, glossy stained glass windows, and the fresh green lawns decorated with trees of all sizes and colors. I thought this campus was more beautiful than Harvard, and if you have been to Harvard, you will know that Boston College’s campus most definitely isn’t a sight you won’t do a double take on. Yet while beauty is deceiving, Boston College certainly didn’t keep me under its spellbinding charm for long. I am not a very religious person, and during the information session and majority of the tour, the kids and faculty discusses how the Jesuit society and beliefs as well as their faith played a huge role at their school, as it seemed as if all the kids had a mutual unity due to their passion for service and helping others. This is actually a truly beautiful thing, but they made it seem like their professors would judge you for your beliefs and challenge you on them. Going to a private catholic school already, I know that it doesn’t make a big difference on my education, but I don’t want to go to a college that reflects my high school, I need a fresh and obvious change from these past 3, soon to be 4 years of my life. I love Chaminade, but I am not going to go to a college revolved around sports and Jesuit or just Catholic beliefs in general, I’m sorry it’s just not me. What I loved about BU is how it as so diverse and accepting, and our tour guide even said how amazingly open it was to students practicing all religions and lifestyles and how there were many available places they could go to practice. And considering our tour at Boston College said she didn’t like people when I asked her why she didn’t study in the library, let’s just say she didn’t represent her school too well and make it seem all that fun. When we toured one of the libraries, I felt like shuddering from the cold, harsh vibe I got, probably based on all the cruel glares the students gave us for walking through the library in shoes that actually make sound when they hit the floor. I mean, how could they study when there were people walking on the floor, right? Like who even does that when somebody is trying to study for their AP Organic Chem Final? Gosh! So to put it in short terms, Boston College was a beautiful school located in a nice area that gives you the privacy you need but still easy access to the city, yet their core beliefs that the school is rooted in as well as its strongest majors and overall vibe and feel, don’t mesh with me. I need a school that provokes my mind to think and ask questions, and motivates me so much that I am truly inspired to be as passionate and as driven as the people like my tour guide at Emerson were! If you would like to know about my outfit today, I will be happy to discuss this as well. I stole a look I found on ASOS, of a model wearing adorable high waisted blue and red plaid shorts, and I tucked in a white button up, scalloped collared shirt and layered it with a thin black crew neck sweater with my black ankle boots. Could you say preppy, or would you say complete prepster? Anyways, since I did go to bed at 2 last night, I am hoping to catch up on my beauty sleep for tomorrow. Tomorrow’s visits: Wesleyan University and Yale (I mean is this another joke, just like Harvard?)

                                                                               ~xoxo Ali~


^^^ Boston College


^^^ Boston College


^^^ Boston University right by the Charles River


^^^ Boston University where many students live in these adorable houses on these cute streets!!


^^^ The Sacred Seal at Boston University (if you walk across it apparently you won’t graduate!)


^^^ more of adorable BU :) where you are really encouraged to “be you”

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