ECCT 5: Your average Yale and wierd but wondrous Wesleyan

Another day another city. Sitting on the bus with Caroline again, I am eager to see the end in sight of this 3 hour bus drive. Hartford, Connecticut, or at least the bits and pieces I saw of it really don’t come close to how lively Boston is. The most exciting monument was the immense, fancy building located on a vast green lawn that could be viewed perfectly from the glass windows of Caroline and I’s classy Hotel Motel Holiday Inn room. We liked to call it the White House, or the Taj Mahal to make it seem like there was at least something worthwhile and potentially safe in the neighborhood. You know us Chaminade kids, we see one homeless guy on the street and we automatically think we’ve landed in Compton!

                To continue with our college touring, because that IS what we are here for anyways, we went to Wesleyan University, a small liberal arts school in the quant town of Middletown, Connecticut. The first building we entered was actually a house, and it served as one of the administration office buildings, and at first glance it seemed a bit strange. I had read on the bus before coming to the school that it was depicted as a druggy, hippie kind of school and seeing the houses being utilized as buildings kind of gave me that vibe as well, it was a bit unusual yet nicely unique. I soon realized how quirky and adorable it was once I stepped in and felt right at home. Throughout my entire tour I felt a sense of comfort and acceptance, even from the casual smiles I noted professors and students sharing whilst strolling by the school buildings. It is not your typical Emerson or NYU, in which the campus is integrated within the city and the main activities of your average student include meeting at local cafes and strolling the busy streets whilst walking to the next showing of Kinky Boots. Wesleyan is located in not the most occupied, lively part of the state like BU was. Instead, the campus is your home when you are a student there, and you entire life revolves around what’s going on this week whether its one of the many student-run performances or meeting with the a cappella group and recording in the studio. It could be sledding on your mattresses down one of the popular social spots the big green grass “hill” or even gazing at the stars in their observatory for hours and maybe you would even go see one of the movies they  show every week and dress up with your friends to go sing the songs! Oh or even if you want to go ice skating on their ice hockey rink whilst listening to your ipod tunes blast throughout the stadium, or maybe they have their annual nerf gun zombie human fight and you might get a battle wound from being shot by a marshmallow. As you can see, Wesleyan offers more than enough incredible one-of-a-kind on campus activities, and instead of the students wishing there was more to do off campus, which they don’t because they also have a cute main street, they are worried anytime they AREN’T on campus that they missed out on some of the millions of events going on while they were away visiting family or out shopping in Boston perhaps! But, the factor stills stands quite apparent that they in fact are kind of in the middle of a not so exciting area. And while I am more of a city, busy-body person, I really enjoyed Wesleyan regardless of this factor because the school just seemed like it had so much to offer. I also adored how laid-back and all about the student the curriculum is! You literally aren’t required to take ANY classes, so I won’t be laid down by the burdens of math requirements which is amazing and I can focus on the more important classes for my future, like the Harry Potter class the offer for freshman! Because, DUH that is obviously more important! Their arts and humanities
program seems amazing and they have an entire section of the campus that even includes underground buildings dedicated to the arts, full with studios and such for the music and arts classes. They even have great sports opportunities, as they have a football team and and an ice hockey team and heck, even field hockey! While I am not a jock, I love that this school has the best of both worlds because I like having the chance to root on my school’s football team (but really I just can’t wait for the ice hockey team to get in fights) and this also means that the school includes a diverse group of students. I also really hope I can get some good use out of the indoor track and rock wall! I definitely think I will apply to Wesleyan, I just hope I can get in! Maybe when I wear my new Wesleyan hoodie at school next year as a senior, I will be reminded of how hard I need to work to get in, so it will motivate me!

                Next, was Yale, and this, similar to Harvard was an experience. Overall, I absolutely ADORED the campus. It was definitely one of if not my favorite campus yet. It had beautiful old buildings similar to Harvard’s and just as beautiful as Boston College’s, yet unlike the cookie cutter style of BC, Yale integrated both new modern buildings into the mix and everything has a unique twist on it, so I feel as if I could actually recognize the difference between these buildings if I went here! But just like Harvard, and probably the other prestigious ivy’s out there, I don’t really have a chance, and I don’t really mind either. I don’t care if the name of my college doesn’t spark fireworks in people’s eyes when the stare in awe at you, because the part that matters for me the most is whether I love my school and it fits me perfectly. So no, I didn’t buy an expensive sweater at Harvard or Yale just because they are Harvard and Yale, I bought them at the schools that have inspired me and I could see myself at in 2 years. Yale reminded me a lot of Harvard because both tours consisted of mostly discussion about the history and traditions of the schools and the overall general jist of everything. They don’t go into depth about all the programs and at Yale they didn’t even talk a lot about the things I loved hearing about at Wesleyan such as adorable fun things the kids do to bond or even anything at all that made me attracted to the school. I don’t care about a statue that you rub for good luck, or how one of the buildings were made and you can see sunlight through it. I want to know about the campus atmosphere! About the creative programs and opportunities! About the school spirit! Sorry Yale, your campus might have amazed me, but you didn’t make me feel at home at all. After the brief and un-detailed tour (I mean we didn’t even see sports fields or theatres or dorms or anything) we walked around the college town which is absolutely adorable! We then hopped on the bus, which I am sitting on now attempting to watch the Carrie Diaries with Caroline while also writing this. I think I covered most of what needed to be, and I want to give my mind a break because my body needs to relax and burn off the nasty little chicken nuggets I just devoured at Burger King. So long Connecticut, on to Philly!

                                                                                       ~xoxo Ali~






^^^ credit to the lovely Serena

^^^ Serena again :)

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