ECCT 7: Philadelphia Freedom

        Other than Boston, most of the cities and towns we have traveled through and toured colleges at have been quite sleepy, empty, and almost a bit like ghost towns; of course this isn’t too much of a problem considering the colleges offer the majority of their student’s fun and entertainment to be found within campus grounds. Philly on the other hand, was like returning back to the bright lights and action of Boston, but in a more New York reminiscent community. When we arrived, I immediately knew that I could totally see myself going to college in a town like this, with people bustling about at all hours of the day and a dozen random restaurants and theatres to enjoy.                      

   Today we visited Drexel University, a city-busy school that specializes in their co-op program. This program allows you to pursue both you educational needs as well as work in the field of your study by doing internships and jobs during your school time. For example, you might intern at a new station in LA for one semester while the next one, you are back at Drexel focusing on your Fashion Design Major while playing the lead in a musical at school. This requires most students to be at school for 5 years and they also really only have one summer vacation that is completely free. While this seemed unappealing to me at first, I soon realized once I got to know the school that it is so worth it. The year after college is over while many students will be stressing over job interviews and worrying about their lack of experience in their field and if they will get hired, I might already have a solid position at a company or doing something I love for good money because I had so much experience in college with it.  I absolutely loved my tour guide, she was super honest about everything about the school; both the perks and downsides and I loved this because I could really get a feel for how the students enjoy the school, not just how the “tour guide putting on a fake show” is dialoging. And another plus, the dorm rooms are so spacious and roomy! The other colleges all had the same small, narrow dorm rooms which I don’t mind, but these ones were super big and had their own air conditioning and free cable as well as a spacious window seat with a giant window that out looked Philly. So nice! What I also think will be a major factor in deciding my school is the location and what there is to do; in Philly they have entire street of Greek houses that apparently throw huge house parties not to mention you are welcome to party with U Penn which is across the street, and everybody knows that they throw good parties. Plus, Drexel is located right in the heart of the center city where everything you could imagine surrounds you and there are about a million ways to get around town without the need for a car! So, maybe I’ll spend my days grading the food the students make  at the culinary arts department of Drexel, or record my own album at the mad dragons records studio, play some intermural field hockey, hand with one of my 3-4,000 fellow freshman students, or go rock climbing in the rec center. So basically, I am in love with this school and can’t wait to apply, and hopefully get in considering it’s a 75% acceptance rate!                       

         The only down side of today? Probably the rain, considering it was like cats and dogs, well not really that bad but I just wanted to say that because it’s a nice hyperbole. So since I of course carry around an average of a million things in my hand and my backpack and am always opening, putting back, or taking things out, I needed a bit of help. My new sophomore friend Alec was my slave for today, and he carried my coffee, folder, and phone in at least 6 different in situations today, so if you are reading this Alec, thank you and it probably will happen again. After Drexel, we ate at a farmers market in Philly and I got a delicious beet salad with a side of fries and garlic aioli sauce, and then shared a mint chocolate chip ice cream on a cone with Serena. We used spoons and let’s just say it probably wasn’t the best idea. An entire chuck fell of and landed directly on my rain boot after about 2 minutes, and if you needed to find us you probably could because we left a trail of ice cream even Hansel and Gretel would be impressed with. I wasn’t as tired today because we got to sleep in more, but I did feel a little weak, probably because last night my friend Brett who is a good size taller than me decided it would be smart to squash me by sitting on my lap after I stole his seat the other day and wouldn’t move out of it. Well, this most likely isn’t the reason but he just wanted to be mentioned in my blog, so there you go. We are beginning our 3 hour bus ride (sounds familiar, right?) to DC right now and I can’t wait. With all the craziness going on with our government right now, I am excited to see just what the people of DC have to say about it all, and what I have to say about Georgetown. Au revoir Philadelphia!

~xoxo Ali~






^ Drexel



^ more of DrexelIMG_5738

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