ECCT 8: Hate Saying Goodbye

[Written on Saturday, October 12th]
I am currently sitting in the airport between Emma and Isabel, and in the middle, is my Chipotle food baby. I always regret eating so much when I am wearing such tight leggings. Behind me, is Jack, who is another one of the many boys on this trip begging to be featured in my blog. This blog might serve to get me a boyfriend as well! Just kidding it would take a lot more for somebody to sign up for that. Anyways, it’s a really bittersweet time right now; I am excited to go home just for the sake of relaxing and telling my family about how much fun I had, but I really wish it wouldnt end and that we could continue on the tour and maybe head over to New York. It has been so much fun and I have gotten to know so many people through this trip as well as strengthened new relationships with friends, like my roommate Caroline. We have gotten so close from this trip, especially considering we laughed so hard in our room every night that I peed my pants a good three times. Once on her bed, so I am sure you can assume that she made me switch beds with her that night. Today, we visited Georgetown, and it wasn’t the college for me. I absolutely adore its location and campus though! The area of Georgetown is preppy and polished, aligned with dozens of high-end shops and restaurants embellished with bright paint and funky architecture. All along the sidewalks you will see middle-aged couples with toddlers in fancy attire and classy college kids strutting their way around in Sperry’s, puffy vests, and cacky pants. Combine your favorite expensive shops plus famous restaurants from New York and a prestigious, yet fun atmosphere and you get Georgetown. If I were to have any college town, it would be this one, yet the school itself was not for me. Georgetown focuses more on politics and sciences rather than English and the creative liberal majors that I am interested in. I feel like if I am going to pay a lot of money to attend a great school, it should have a dang good college or program for the subjects I am interested in. The campus is absolutely gorgeous just like the college town, but I don’t know much about the school because our tour guides were not actually real tour guides, they were just Chaminade alumni who attend Georgetown and could really only give us a vague description of the school. We didn’t get to tour any dorms, dining halls, see the library or gym, walk into many buildings or really anything, we kind of just looked at all the exterior of Georgetown. I felt like I was a stranger to the school by the end of the tour, which is not how I felt when I went to places like Drexel, BU, or Muhlenberg where I felt at home immediately and really got a taste for what the school was for. I feel as if having a great tour guide makes ALL the difference in how you end up feeling about a college, and can really even determine if you go there or not, because you are going to love a school if the tour guide made it seem perfect for you! The tour guides just didn’t do that for me at some of the schools. So it wasn’t for me, but I still bought myself a Georgetown field hockey shirt because why not?
    Afterwards, we did a bit of sightseeing in D.C. and visited the White House as well as the Capital. The White House is in fact, VERY white and from the front it doesn’t look all that big! The Capital on the other hand is HUGE and has a long, fresh, green lawn of grass in the front, almost like it’s own red carpet. We took some pictures and had a bit of fun and hoped back on the bus to catch our plane.       
Overall, I really had an amazing time on the college tour and I gained so much valuable information about all the colleges I visited, and also about myself. I entered the trip having a vague idea of what I wanted in a college; wasn’t sure how important Greek life and football games were to me as well as really much about any of the colleges I was visiting. I typed down on my handy IPhone sticky notes just about every word our tour guides said, got a feel for the schools, and realized what aspects of college life were most valuable for a school to have for me. Now I know that I want to be in a sorority, it doesn’t matter if my college has a football team (after all ice hockey is so much more fun), and I am still stuck on whether I want a city school or a more campus-focused school, but I think I am leaning more towards city school. I am so inspired to work hard in my classes, take advantage of extracurriculars, and make a darn good application for colleges now, because I want to get into all of these schools! I know that if I hadn’t gone on this tour, I would still have been sitting at home watching Gossip Girl rather than researching colleges, and I probably wouldn’t have had the slightest clue more about what I want in my future school, whereas I totally do now.

            Now that I am sitting on the plane, I might as well mention Serena who is sitting to my right, completely invested in her book, “Looking for Alaska” and nibbling on chocolate raisins which are surprisingly better than I thought. I am SO glad she signed up for the tour last minute, because she is one of my best friends if not my best and it wouldn’t have been as fun without her. We have a lot in common, so we liked the same things about many of the schools except that she is looking more towards pre-med majors. We both know that if we go to the same school we are totally rooming together, that’s for sure! Earlier, she was getting mad at me because I farted and it stunk up the entire row, but how can you blame a gal after she ate an entire Chipotle burrito? We were also spying on Jack, who is sitting in front of me and is now sleeping. We took pictures of him, and before that I was attempting to start a seat-to-seat chat with him kind of like texting through these fancy little screens in front of each seat in the plane. Unfortunately my keyboard wouldn’t work so I couldn’t secretly chat him, but this might have been a good thing because I know that my fantasy sophomore boyfriend, Alec, who was also previously featured in my blog as my slave, would have gotten jealous. If you are wondering why I am mentioning so many people in my blog, because I never usually do too often, you can assume that it’s because they all wanted to get famous through it.

            So whether I choose Emerson, Drexel, Bu, Muhlenberg, or whatever school I please, I know that I will end up happy wherever I go because I am good at making the most of what I have, and being positive. It’s all about being proactive in college, because you aren’t going to make friends, connections, and memories by sitting around in your dorm all day, you’ve got to go out into the world and escape from your comfort zone to realize the things you never knew you loved and the people you never knew you’d bond with. If college is supposedly the best years of your life, than I am going to make certain that those years will be unforgettable. I will always be thankful for this experience with all of my friends, new and old, touring the East Coast and having the time of our lives.

~xoxo Ali~



^^^ what a nice, comforting sign to see right in front of the White House


^ me doin’ ma thang in front of Obama’s crib


^^ me and Caroline



^ Georgetown






^^ me at Georgetown :)


^^ Me and my slave/bf Alec in front of the Capitol!


^ Isabel and I


^^ Back to LA :(

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