Halloween Gone Girly

Every year we go through the same struggle, and it usually happens during the middle of the last week of October. This struggle is finding a halloween costume. Of course you can be the last minute cat or sports player, but when you are me, and you HATE doing what everybody else does that is basically the equivalent of suicide. SO, my mom and I did a little thriftin’ with Macklemore (not really just a fun reference) and I came up with two fun costumes. 

For school: ELLE WOODS from LEGALLY BLONDE. With her bubbly, air-headed personality I didn’t even need to act the part, I practically was it! And WHO wouldn’t have fun walking around all day talking to your dog Bruiser? I am wearing the dress my mom wore when she left her wedding reception along with a pair of pink heels I thrifted from Goodwill. I also got the pink purse at Goodwill, my mom found the pink glasses at Walmart or something, and I suprisingly had the Chihuahua and he was already accessorized with a necklace and purple T-shirt of his own. I am also embellished in pearls and my hair is tossled and twirled.




For the Serena’s Halloween party: CHER from CLUELESS. Firstly, it’s one of my all-time favorite movies and she is one of my all-time favorite characters. I got the plaid skirt as well as the matching plaid heels and red vest at Good Will, used my mom’s white button up, found that red beret, and made the poofy pen. So you could say this was a bargain!




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