My Thoughts On….. The Classic Winter Cold/Blog Update


          Kleenex galore, Vix stained  shirts, Ricola wrappers covering my bed; these are all classic signs that my recurring case of tonsillitis/strep throat has come to visit me yet again for the lovely fall to winter transition time of the year. It all started two weeks ago when an innocent tickle of the throat confirmed in my mind that soon my tonsils would look like giant pieces of cauliflower and the skin under my nose would turn raw from too much tissue blowing. Luckily for me, it was right in the middle of my school’s spring musical auditions when my throat was in unbearable pain and I wished I didn’t have saliva so I wouldn’t be forced to swallow it and endure the pain that one gulp would inflict. Oh but not to fear, it’s not like I had to sing and act energetic at 8 o’clock at night for this audition or anything! So, after that night slowly passed by my throat eased up a bit until I couldn’t feel the pounding of my head, aching of my neck, and fiery burn of my throat.  During finals week I didn’t feel too bad fortunately, yet afterwards the second symptoms of this terrible infection began to uncover themselves, hence the tissue boxes. So at this very moment, it is 9:21 am on a Thursday. To be exact, the 26th of December and I am sitting in one of the very familiar to me airport chairs, listening to them play These are The Days by the 10,000 Maniacs as I vent to my many followers through the keyboard of my dirty white MacBook. I can barely breath through my nose, but it doesn’t serve as much of an obstacle for me considering I’ve grown to adapt to it. To my right is my brother Ben’s girlfriend, Sasha, who is joining us this year on our annual trip to the land of the Mormons to “shred some gnar” up on the slopes. In simplistic terms, she is joining us on our yearly, winter vacation to Utah where we stay in a home with all of our family and ski. I am not sure exactly what she was thinking when she decided to join us, and am not so sure how she will handle the overwhelming amount of noise, crying, screaming, and energy that will accompany the 26 and up people that will congest our Promontory cabin home. My advice to her: get away while you can.

                                    The good part of this trip is that I get to travel; and yes in this category I am wholly including the aspect of the airport because I love it. Most people hate the stress and somewhat “madness” that comes along with packing, going through security, and sitting in a dirty airplane seat next to fatty Jim from Nebraska who is snoring away with cracker crumbs covering his shirt and drool dried on the side of his mouth. But to me it is exciting; I always plan a cute yet comfortable outfit and I always enjoy putting together my backpack/bag with lip gloss and magazines and filling up my IPod with songs that will inspire me for the trip. The only part I hate, is traveling with family. Ever since France, I’ve realized that traveling is not an impossible feat if I out of all people managed to do it on my own abroad.  My family always makes it so much more stressful and ten times more complicated than it should have and would have been if it was just me getting on the plane. Anyways, I absolutely cannot wait to see the frost covering the windows of the airplane and to step outside and feel the relaxing ambiance of Utah and its mountains; that is until I step into our family house and see my baby cousins running a muck and my grandma loudly aweing over her new snakeskin heels and matching skirts.

                                    To get back on topic, I feel that the best remedy to a common cold or infection consists of five simple things: sleep, time, advil, afrin and a newfound friend called Sudafed. I was nearly out of tissues until my mom finally decided to give me Sudafed, which dries out your nose. It’s pretty great because it’s a little bit better for you than afrin which is not so much better for you than crack. But to be completely honest I don’t care, because whole foods cough drops and throat spray doesn’t do s*** for you and I’m not spending my winter break drowning in my own mucus when I should be partying with my friends. So I haven’t let a little infection stop me from going to any of my school’s CIF state and final championship games to see us totally WIN or ANY of the after parties. I just swallow down some advil for my head and neck, and snort up some cocaine, OOPST I mean afrin, and I am good to go. Another thing you should invest in is vix because it really helps open up your system at night, and my favorite cough drops are Ricola a. because they work the best and b. because I love the commercials with the little yodeler guy who shouts RRRICOLA and rolls the r in it.  If you want to simply kick a winter cold that shouldn’t last two fricken’ weeks like this infection I am cursed with, eat a lot of oranges and pop an EmergenC into your water bottle. Yes, I took one to school and everybody asked me why I was drinking piss in a bottle but regardless of this, just do it because it will help your immune system. And if you want to heal the raw skin under your nose just dab on some aquaphor at night and let it do its magic. If your throat is killing you, gargle some hot water with salt, and if you want to soothe it drink a hot tea and swallow some spoonfuls of honey.  Since the doctor said I don’t have strep throat or tonsillitis or mono, I have a case of the unknown devil and it will not stop possessing my body so I am just going to use afrin, Sudafed, and advil because I really don’t care how bad it is for you as long as it makes me feel better. Plus, I hate visiting the doctor because I always forget what they tell me to do plus I don’t even think doctors know what they are talking about half the time; nobody knows your body better than you. SO advice from Doctor Ali, be your own doctor, use medicine that makes you feel better even if it’s not good for you, and sleep in and watch Netflix. Happy Cold Season!

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