Les Politiques

After being inspired by the course, “Current Topics in Government & World Affairs” I took first semester this year as well as the year-long US History course I’m currently in, I’ve decided to incorporate a new topic of writing into my blog posts: my opinion on politics and world issues happening today. My teacher for both of these courses is probably the best teacher I’ve had at my school because he not only finds creative and engaging ways to teach us new material, but even makes lecturing fun; at least in my opinion. I’ve learned so much about the world and how our government works as well as the history of the United States in one semester than in a year’s worth of AP World History last year. All I can remember for some reason is that the Mongols mixed their milk with goat blood because they liked the taste and color, or something, and that they feared lighting and thunder. Anyways, my teacher has opened my mind to a completely new world, and has given me the chance to find a hidden passion for politics that I, out of all people, could have never imagined to be possible considering just this summer I would have associated the word, “government” with the word “ew”. So, since my Current Topics class is over and its tough to get a sampling of what’s happening in the world all the time when you aren’t conveniently hearing about it in class every other day, I want to challenge myself to at least once a week, write a short paragraph or even a snippet about how I feel towards a certain event, action, or proposal, or anything that’s happening in the world today! It’ll keep me active on my blog and aware of what’s happening in the world.

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