To SAT or not to SAT

Have you ever dreamt that you slept through your alarm and missed a giant test or interview but then you wake up and you’re like, “WHEW! Glad that wasn’t real!” ? For me, it wasn’t a dream it was a living nightmare. It was a hectic Friday night and I had just gotten back from a tiring rehearsal for Pippin (the spring musical I am doing at my school). We had done a couple run-throughs of the show and I was exhausted from all the dancing, singing, and hoola-hooping. (shakin’ yo hips can be a really tiring workout if you didn’t know). During the time I wasn’t on stage I was on my phone on quizlet, studying vocab terms for the infamous big test I was preparing to take the next morning. YUP you guessed it….. the SAT. With rehearsals on Mon, Wed, and Friday from 3-7 and most Sundays along with prep for about two hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays, you could say I had a pretty hectic schedule. SO, I was glad that I was going to get it over with the next morning and clear up my life! So I get home at around 9 pm and I set my alarm for around 7:15 ish because I knew that it started at 9am. (Or at least that’s WHAT I THOUGHT). I get up the next morning, eat the fancy lil’ breakfast my mom made me and hop in the car to head over to Calabasas. I get there, right? But I know something’s up because I could only find one parking spot and I didn’t see any other kids walking out of their cars to go take the test and it confused me. So I walk into the building and some lady starts rushing hurriedly towards me and is like, “Excuse me what are you here for?” And I project, “I’m taking the SAT!” and she’s like “SHHHHH! Kids are taking the test right now!” My stomach drops like I am on frickin’ Goliath at Magic Mountain. My brain jumpstarts and takes a step backwards and I think to myself, “this is impossible, right? I couldn’t have POSSIBLY thought the test started at the wrong time right? Because if I did then my life would pretty much be ruined right?” She’s like, “Sweetheart the test started at 8:15”.  WELL HOLY GUACAMOLE IT IS POSSIBLE AND YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. EVERYONE’S GREATEST NIGTHMARE FOR THE DAY OF THE SAT AND IT HAS JUST BECOME A REALITY FOR ME. Oh, of course me because it’s not like March hasn’t been stressful, frustrating, and hectic enough. I couldn’t believe it; I had just f***ed up the time for the SAT, yes the SAT which only is available to be taken about 4 times a year. The emotions of frustration, anger, confusion, sadness, and utter hopelessness overwhelmed my body and I curled up like a little dried up raisin in my car and uncontrollably sobbed. I hadn’t cried that much in I can’t even remember how long; it was one of the most horrible feelings in the world to think that you had just screwed something up SO much and it was pretty much ALL your fault and there was utterly not one thing you could do to change it and you had to accept the fact that it would mess up your entire schedule. Yeah, I was planning on taking the march sat and then seeing my score and most likely taking it again in June, with my May month open for studying and taking my subject tests. Easy peasy. But not so much when the only times left are in May and June and you have to take your subject tests but you also don’t want to continue all that horrible sat prep after you crammed in so much work to prepare for the test you just MISSED. PLUS you REALLY don’t want to have to take the SAT your senior year!!! I called my mom and was screaming and crying on the phone like I had just seen somebody get shot. Trying to compose myself I drove home, thinking that since normally a nice drive with music and the windows down calms my nerves and would most likely do that at this point in time. Well that wasn’t the case. The “regaining my composure” part didn’t exactly work considering I was driving at an average of about 70 miles per hour down the residential streets, swerving past all the cars and sobbing continuously. I was a mad woman and I am sure it was quite a sight to see. I got home and felt as if there was literally nothing I could do to distract myself from the sadness and I couldn’t find any way to make myself happy. I slumped around my empty house screeching at the top of my lungs, and I think the neighbors must’ve thought that I was either getting murdered or watching the shower scene from, “Psycho”. It was one of the worst feelings in the world; but I realized that it was a mistake and that there was nothing I could do to change it and so I had to move on. I was supposed to have a rehearsal from 10am to 10pm that day and come late after the SAT, so I rolled the sun roof of my mini down, blasted some of my favorite tunes, put my sunnies on, and cruised to rehearsal. This time the car-relaxation method actually DID WORK. I realized that there’s no reason to slump around and feel bad for myself and dig that hole of despair and depression even deeper into the ground! So I just soaked in the day and let my worries go at drama. Being there with all of my friends and messing around at rehearsal was the best distraction from all the stress that the SAT had smothered me with and it was a source of therapy and the best medicine to cure my blues. Plus, it’s pretty dang funny to tell people the story of how I was late for the SAT, and heck it could even make for a good college essay! The moral of the story is, if you make a mistake, move on and don’t beat yourself up for it! Learn your lesson and find a way to laugh at yourself, because in the moment it might seem like your mistake might never get resolved and you will never be happy again or get over it, but I got over it in a matter of 3 hours. So, when life gives you lemons ya gotta make lemonade somehow, and if ya can’t find any sugar to sweeten it up then just cheat and use a splenda, I guess.

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