From the countless pieces of mysterious mic tape that show up on my neck days later to the  never-ending amount of, “ta-da’s” we exclaim to our audience, I am sad that I only get to perform my school’s spring musical, “Pippin” two more times! It has been a long and seemingly never-ending process, to be completely blunt. Rehearsals have stretched from 3 to 6 each Monday, Wednesday, and on Fridays until seven for about 2 months, maybe more! And I can’t forget the classic weekend power throughs where we rehearse from 10am to 10pm (yes you heard me right). While there have been times where I felt like all I wanted was a free weekend again, or the time to actually relax and watch tv or spend my time doing something else, I always realize during show time that all of this work and effort was put into create something truly magical and heartfelt. All of the shows I do at Chaminade teach me that being truly dedicated and committed to something, and that means putting your utmost time and effort into it because you care about the outcome, is extremely rewarding and fulfilling. I have learned by working with the Chaminade players what it means to be a team player, have a good work ethic, and how to stay positive and make the most of what you’re given, even if you didn’t get the part you wanted or the job you worked hard to hopefully get chosen for. Sometimes you don’t pick out the tallest piece of straw in the bunch, but you can’t sulk around and complain; you’ve got to be prepared to take the little of what you’re given and mold it into something so bright and magical, that it’s impossible to dim and cast away! For these lessons I will be forever thankful to drama for teaching me, and of course for the countless amounts of friendships I have made that are un-comparable to any other. I don’t laugh as hard as I do at drama anywhere else, and I am never as happy as I am at a party on the weekend as I am belting and harmonizing a cappella with all of my drama gals. SO, if you want to see this joy and enthusiasm spark into a flaming fire onstage and invade your life, YOU should come see Pippin tonight at 8pm or tomorrow at 2pm! It’s an audience-interactive show and you won’t be drooling in your seat I can promise you that! And if that’s not enough to convince you to come, let me give you a few extra persuasively effective facts:

  • I will be wearing a tight, shiny spandex unitard
  • I will be rockin’ the Miley buns on my head
  • I will be HULA HOOPING!





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