the ‘Chella Diaries: Day 2 (April 12th, 2014)

As I sit in my fluffy hotel bed eating my crispy hash browns, sunny side up eggs, bacon, and white toasted slathered in orange marmalade, I question how this weekend could be slipping by so quickly. Yesterday was day 2 of the CHELLA DIARIES. Luckily, Shelby was feeling ten times better and all three of us survived the whole day. We slept in and indulged ourselves with the delicious breakfast buffet that our dream hotel offers. I had an omelet and a Belgian waffle with chocolate chips, syrup, whipped cream, and cinnamon whipped cream. Yes. After experiencing the blistering sun in mid afternoon yesterday, we decided to get a little bit of a late start yesterday at around 3:30ish. Unfortunately, we came a little too late to see Cage the Elephant who I would have really enjoyed watching, but its okay because I got to see all of these people:
City and Colour 4:30-5:20: the main singer of this band has the most beautiful, folky, voice and it could put you to sleep. That mixed with the acoustics was really beautiful.

Kid Cudi 5:45-6:45: I had never seen Kid Cudi before this performance and I was a bit surprised by his look; he was a lanky, tall guy wearing fitted jean shorts and a red crop top, almost like a college kid from the 80’s. He wasn’t like one of those intimidating big rappers that barely smiles, instead he was this loving, friendly guy who wouldn’t stop smiling and looked like he couldn’t harm a fly. He has such an awesome voice and he had a really cool set; I really admired his originality. Cairo and I were packed up super close like sardines in a can; it was ridiculously crowded. During the performance he came out and sang right up next to the crowds and we were 5 feet away from him!!! My favorite songs are, “Up Up & Away” “Erase Me” “Day n’ Night” “Mr. Rager” “Soundtrack 2 My Life” “Pursuit of Happiness”. One of my favorite shows for sure.

Dillon Francis 6:45-745: We scurried over to Dillon Francis and met up with Shelby; Shelby saw Cudi but came to the festival with her dad instead of taking shuttle with Cairo and me. She cried at Cudi because she absolutely loves him. In the Sahara Tent, you could obviously assume that Dillon Francis was insane. We got up close to the front but all the way on the edge of the tent, tightly squished between people but not as bad as Cudi. Dillon Francis was hilarious when he talked to the crowd and put on all his little personas like “DJ Hanzel” and he made the crowd go crazy. It was really fun to dance to his music, but we ended up leaving halfway because eventually the music started to get a bit repetitive, but mostly in order to get a good spot for Lorde.

Lorde 7:55-8:45: LORDE WAS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. It’s crazy to think she is 17 years old, because SO AM I. I was very curious to see how she would perform, considering everyone was hating on her for her “freak performance” at the Grammy’s which I had never even seen until this morning when I looked it up to see what all the judgment was about. Her voice sounded exactly like it did recorded and it was absolutely beautiful. She’s got a really funky kind of punkish-pretty voice and its like nothing I’ve ever heard, plus her accent makes it ten times cooler. She’s got this relaxed attitude and acts so natural on stage, as if she’s performing for some good friends and doesn’t have to worry about what people think;she gets so into her music and I love that in an artist. She jolted her body and moved around simultaneously with the beats of her music and her hands friskily moved in the air like she was the composer of a symphony, directing her music. It was genius and beautiful and incredible and I died. My favorite songs are “A World Alone” “Buzzcutt Season” “Ribs” “Team” “Tennis Court” “Royals” and especially “Love Club” but she said she had to skip a song or else they would cut her set off, and I think “Love Club” is the one she skipped!! So sad but still amazing.

Foster the People 8:20-9:10: We skipped over to Foster the People and chilled in the grass. Cairo and Shelby sat down and relaxed and I danced around on the grass to all of their music. The lead singer’s got such an energetic, dynamic voice and their music is so catchy!!! I loved it when they played “Pumped Up Kicks” and “Don’t Stop” back to back. So awesome.

Skrillex 11:25-12:55: Skrillex was absolutely PACKED with people and was probably the most crowded show of the night. He was awesome and everyone was going absolutely nuts. Claire, Taylor and I were up really close to the front and we in the center of the crowd (Cairo and Shelby went to go sit and get hot chocolate because they were cold and tired). We stayed in for Skrillex for most of the show but I started to get bored with the music. Last year I had the time of my life in the Sahara Tent and I think it was because I had never experienced anything like it before and EDM music was new to me, but this year I already knew what to expect so I didn’t get the same sort of shock. It was still so much fun, but I just get a little tired of raving to EDM music nonstop because personally I think it all starts to sound the same after a while. So we left and I met up with Cairo and Shelby and we were exhausted so headed home to crash for the night.

If you didn’t know, last year there was a giant wind/sandstorm Sunday night of weekend 1 and it happened again, ONLY ALL DAY YESTERDAY. Grains of sand danced in the vicious wind and felt like tiny needles hitting our skin. We walked around with what I call a “Chella Stache” or in basic terms a dirt mustache. It’s the only appropriate time that you can sing the song “I Wear My Sunglasses at Night” and actually be wearing them along with everyone around you, because if you don’t sand and dust will cloud your eyes and trust me it’s NO FUN. I absolutely cannot wait to rock out for our last day and scream and cry for Lana Del Ray. LIVE LUV CHELLA!






^ Cairo, Shelbs and I

^^ pretty bad photo quality… BUT its LORDE!!

~xoxo Ali~

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