Summer 2014 Bucket List


Since I’ve just finished what I am hoping is/was the hardest and most difficult year of my high school career, my junior year, I think that my summer going into senior year needs to be one to remember. After all, I think I deserve all of the daygers and ice cream cones I can get just for putting up with all of that SAT tutoring and those weekly AP Bio tests/quizzes.And even though school just got out about a week ago, I have already had so much fun with my friends every single day of the summer. So since I am only going on one major trip this summer (a cruise to Istanbul, Rome, Greece, and visiting Italy afterwards) and I’ll be home for the rest of summer, I am hoping my friends and I can find the time to be productive and have fun this summer, maybe trying to finish this bucket list:

-Make at least three deserts and three dishes off of my Pinterest board

-Write three songs on the ukulele

-Write three songs on the guitar

-Do at least ten #OOTD posts on my blog

-Practice my french

-Make a friendship bracelet for each one of my friends

-Try to workout as much as I can (at least a baby workout each night)

-Go cliff jumping

-Plan a fun, all-day hike with my friends

-Picnic at the beach

-Maybe finish my college essay?

-Find a summer boyfriend/fling (pleeeease)

-Temporarily die my hair or the tips (a fun color and get my friend to join me on it)

-Host a swim & bbq party

-Plan a night time scavenger hunt

-Make jewelry at the bead bar

-Make a cool piece of art

-Make a cool indie movie/film

-Go to a drive in movie

-Perform a show singing w/ my guitar & uke somewhere

-Go night bowling

-Roast s’mores


-Make smoothies

-Go thrifting/ flea market shopping (this one will be easy for me)

-Movie marathon

-Take more Polaroids

-Do yoga

-Ride my bike more

-Finish all three of my summer reading books

-Don’t worry, be happy :)

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~ xoxo Ali ~


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