Graduation/ Senior Year Thoughts

So it’s pretty crazy to think that in just a few short months some of the seniors, and some of my closest friends will be off in foreign parts of the country living with foreign faced dorm mates learning how to do their own laundry and live off of cup o’ noodle. I went to Chaminade’s graduation a week ago and listening to one of the girl’s speeches made me realize, “holy crap that’s going to be me next year”. And yes, its insane to think that I am going to graduate next year, but what REALLY hits me is realizing that I am never going to live in this house with my family ever again. I am never going to have this life. I am never going to walk upstairs and be able to ask my mom a question again. I’ll have to pay my own bills, make/provide myself with dinner every night on some sort of budget, and all in all just live independently. In simple terms, I will be stepping out of my childhood and sliding into a new skin of adulthood. This is something very scary and very thrilling and so overwhelming I can’t comprehend it. They say that senior year is the best year and the easiest, but I fear it’s going to be the hardest. It’s weird to think about the seniors from my freshman year and compare them to me. I don’t even feel, look, seem like a senior It’s going to be hard to realize that I have to cherish every last moment because there won’t be another year to do better or to join this club or to actually get to know that person or to really accomplish what I want to. This will be my very last chance and I know I need to make it something worthwhile. Plus, it will be the year I choose where I am going to spend my first four years of independent living, and who knows where that will be! In Boston, as a communications major minoring in music studies and screen writing and interning with vogue and studying abroad in Paris? I sure hope it’s something as good as that sounds.

This is my friend, one of my best friends, and her name is Alex Stern. She is going to be leaving me by this coming fall to go enjoy Northwestern University, studying business and psychology and soon enough being an amazingly successful businesswoman. I am sincerely going to miss our late night whole foods runs that consisted of health smoothies and somewhat healthy ( at least trying to be) meals whilst she advised me on my friendship struggles and school problems and the overall stressful lows that encompassed my junior year. I love her to death because she is like a big sister to me and I don’t know how I am going to survive in drama doing the shows without her there to keep my spirits up or to go out and try a new workout routine with or to simply just hangout with. But, I am so happy for her and I know she’ll do big things, plus I can’t wait to visit her!!


This is my other great friend, Lindsey Englander and she is going to USC. Yes, my friends are pretty impressive to say the least. Any ways, I have had French class with this girl for two years now and although we might not miss our teacher TOO much, we are sure going to miss that class and our little French crew: Lindsey, Jenny, Nikki, and me. She is one of the sweetest and most caring people I know and it honestly blows my mind to think that some of the other snobby senior girls who call themselves “twetch” (I mean is this Mean Girls or something?) decided to randomly stop being her friend sophomore year. They obviously missed out. I know that Serena and I (Serena’s blog are going to miss our Linds so much and can’t wait to party it up with her and all of the hot USC boys next fall!!!



So am I going to miss my friends? YES. But am I excited for senior year? Ummm YES. Yet let’s just say I’m am SURE not ready to skip over summer, because it’s shaping out to be a pretty fun one.

~xoxo Ali~

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