Inspiration Board: June



a girl sipping a coconut because.. so summer!

I put up three friendship bracelets I made at the sleep away camp I’ve been going to for ten years each summer in remembrance of it because I won’t be going this year :(

I also put up a polaroid of me and my friend Neiv at the beach


I got that Costa Rica Pura Vida sticker in Costa Rica and “Pura Vida” aka PURE LIFE is just a perfect phrase to represent the crazy summer days. The California dreaming post and the girl in the salmon dress with the palm trees behind her just give off a really California summer vibe: the colors of her outfit and the atmosphere just remind me of the weird kind of architecture and colors of California of the 70’s and 80’s if I even know what the means, but thats just what it reminds me of.


I took a cute little clay pot I bought from a man in a straw skirt in Costa Rica and put a dead plant inside it and look! It’s like a lil’ pineapple!! I also added three quirky pins to the board for a lil’ bit of spice and color.


I added a blue lanyard I made at camp, another beach polaroid, my yellow wristband from the Fonda Theatre of when I saw DIE ANTWOORD with my friends Taylor and Serena the day we got out of our last final, and a phrase that says, “Good Vibrations” which is the name of a Beach Boys song, and I LOVE THE BEACH BOYS.


Lastly, I added these three postcards my parents sent me while I was away at camp while they were on their California Coast Road Trip and visited all of these places. The California beaches just embody everything summer looks, feels, tastes, and sounds like in my mind.

~xoxo Ali~


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