The Quintessential Quesadilla

So since my summer bucket list says to make food dishes from off of my pinterest board, I decided to make one last night. So there was this one on my board that was a quesadilla with spinach and cheese and avocado and it looked really good, so I made something of the sort but amped it up a little bit by adding more ingredients which equals more flayva.

This quesadilla had: (btw ALL ingredients from Whole Foods)

-a bunch of pepper jack cheese

– two flour tortillas

– freshly cut tomatoes


– pre-made mango/pineapple salsa


– a dabble of salsa


^ the picture BEFORE the mess…..


I tossed in all the ingredients (spinach, tomato, avocado, salsa and mixed them up a bit and them sprinkled on some lime juice and added in a dash of salt and pepper.


Then I poured a little bit of vegetable oil on the pan, let it heat up, sprinkled lime juice on it, and placed the tortilla on top (BUT DON’T POUR TOO MUCH OIL BECAUSE IT WILL MAKE THE TORTILLA SUPER GREASY JUST LIKE THE KIND IN MY SCHOOL CAFETERIA AND YOU WILL HAVE TO THROW IT AWAY AND START OVER) :-) SO, then I cut up bits of the cheese and placed them on the tortilla. Then I moved them to touch the pan and would press them down to melt them more quickly.


Then I poured all of the ingredients on top of the tortilla! (As you can see I obviously made more than the tortilla could handle)


Then I placed another tortilla on top. The next step was where everything went wrong. I decided it would be a good idea to flip the entire thing over so the other tortilla could get cooked and cheese melted on it. During the “flip” the tortillas got folded all strangely and the ingredients were spilling everywhere. SOMEHOW I managed to put it all back into place (somewhat).


Voila! The finished product. It didn’t exactly turn out to be the quintessential quesadilla and it DEFINITELY wasn’t eaten that way, but hey it was still good! On the side is some of the pineapple mango salsa, a tiny chunk of guac I whipped up, some black bean jalapeño chips, and a nice big bowl of fresh watermelon.

Oh and for a late night snack I had some mexican wedding cookies and a glass of milk. Mmmmmm delicioso!

~xoxo Ali~

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