Frozen Greek Yogurt: The Best Thing Since Beignets in Biarritz: June 22, 2014


We boarded the cruise ship which to my (not) surprise looked just like the various I have been on before (when I cruised to Mexico which was twice and Alaska). For the rest of our group, many of whom had never been on a cruise ship, they were pleasantly surprised by how grandiose everything was, from the endless amounts of food and variety offered at the buffet simply to the sparkly elevators made of clear glass that you could see yourself moving down/up on. Allie and I explored around and went in the jacuzzi where we met Susanna, our new cruise friend. She is 18 years old and from Georgia and just graduated and is going to start school at UGA majoring in fashion merchandising, pretty cool! We talked with her for about an hour in the jacuzzi and then she joined us as we continued to look around. We quickly realized that the cruise ship wasn’t as big as we thought, as sadly there aren’t many hot guys or kids our age in general. The worst part for me is that I am in this weird limbo stage of 17 where I’m the oldest one at the Teen Club thing (ages 15-17) and just a tiny bit too young for everything else. The age limit for practically everything here is 18: getting drinks at the bars, the clubs, etc. That night after dinner I found Susanna again and we stayed out and explored, got into the 18 and up club for about a minute with this kid from Brazil who was also 17 that we met, until they kicked us out. We went to the buffet and tried to find some source of liveliness on the ship but it seemed that after the evening karaoke (where a girl really belted out Let it Go from Frozen, yikes that’s a bold choice for karaoke) that there wasn’t much going on. Everyone was probably still recovering and getting used to the time. But WE had a pretty good time on our own and got to know each other very well very quickly, heck we were layng down on the ground right outside of the elevators suprising people as they waked out! I got back to my hotel room at around 2ish and went to bed that night.

THE NEXT DAY could have possibly been the best thing in the world. We slept in a bit and headed out to explore Mykonos, Greece aka heaven on Earth. This is one of those places that is a trillion times better in person, even though it looks heavenly enough in pictures. The water is this emerald-turquoise blue color and it contrasts against the all white houses and buildings covering the dry, arid land beautifully. It’s probably a law or rule that you can’t paint any of the houses/building any other color than that bright white, which looks so clean and crisp and perfect. Walking through the narrow stoned alleys we passed by these adorable white little geometrically unique shops and homes, adorned with old doors of pastel blues and deep indigos and adorable pots of flowers and stray kittens sitting on the stairs. Everywhere you looked was another cute jewelry shop or restaurant; I think I could live here forever. From the outside it looks pretty, with its sparkling water and tiny little white cubicles resting on this dry patch of land, but once you are INSIDE you realize why its truly a hidden gem. I would have never expected it to be so gorgeous just from the exterior, grand view of it. We headed off to this private beach where we were meeting my mom’s friends, this couple Michael and Philip (Philip is the creator of the hair care company Philip B.). It was the most fabulous place I had ever laid eyes on. Picture a sleepy turquoise beach with fancy white tanning beds and a fancy bar/restaurant playing fun club music as you watched people in white crochet dresses and pretty bikinis and fashionable outfits in general stroll around with drinks in their hands, all under the Mediterranean Sun. It was pretty much perfect and such a cute romantic little town and I know I want to honeymoon here. I got a yummy spinach pastry and us girls walked around and explored the cute shops and probably spent a good hour if you add up all of the random moments just taking pictures. I mean, it’s not like I’m coming back to Greece any time soon and I needed to get as many as I could! The water was chilly but felt amazing and really cooled you down after walking around in the hot sun. I floated and closed my eyes and it took me back to the time in Costa Rica at the hidden, bright blue beach where I floated in the water and just let the sound blur out of its usually clarity and let myself escape from the world. Floating in water is one of the most relaxing, rejuvinating things ever, After some beaching we took boats out in the water which drove us through the ocean and back to town. It was a treacherous little boat ride as we bumped around in our seats from the wakes we were hitting of the boat that carried the parents. It was super fun to feel the wind rush against my face and view the island from the sparkling water. It was the perfect moment and I never wanted to leave. We got to town and walked around to shop more and we ate at a little restaurant, where I just nibbled on some of Allie’s octopus pasta (actually really good) and ate the most delicious Greek salad I’ve ever had. So fresh. But even better was the Greek Frozen Yogurt. I’m a big frozen yogurt girl, and greek yogurt girl, and this was the best I’ve ever had and probably will ever have. So fresh and thick and perfectly tart  and delicious and I’m sad thinking about it right now. To depict in this blog post how perfectly unreal Mykonos was would be impossible. We had the perfect day there and I can’t wait to come back soon. After getting back on the boat at about 9pm (by the way I picked up a cute, dainty necklace with a gold coin of Alexander the Great’s head on it) I immediately showered and knew it was not the time to go out. I ordered room service and passed out. Wish I had another day in Mykonos, but unfortunately I don’t. Off to Athens!






Me and Susannah!! <3











my feet


my hand





awww its Allie









liv luv Brian Angel (aka my dad(



liv luv me


IMG_1401Me, Nicole, and Alexa



read closely  :-)


see that terrible tan line?

~xoxo Ali~




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