A Mean-Lady Medusa in the Middle of Athens- June 23, 2014


Athens was not exactly what I expected. Driving in, you notice it’s this huge, urban, city covered in graffitti and torn down buildings. It kind of reminded me of the way Istanbul was in certain areas, and not exactly in the most positive way. A fun fact I learned is

that in european countries, or at least in Greece, the teens are the ones responsible for all the graffitti and the police nor the government will get them in trouble or fine them for it, because its supposedly a way for them to creatively express themselves and the parents should be the ones disciplining them. Cool idea, but I didn’t think after seeing how much covered the ENTIRE city, that it was exactly the best plan. We visited the Parthenon which was HUGE. It was a sizzling day in Athens and quite the workout to hike up to it. Imagine giant columns and these arenas of classical architecture all in a white-ish color and thousands of years old. And being preserved to this day. Looking out from the top we noticed how HUGE Athens is, bigger than LA! Crazy compared to the ant-sized Mykonos. We ate lunch at a nice place where I had another greek salad and some calamari. Earlier, we visited the Acropolis Museum and looked at some old, preserved sculptures and pieces of art. Contrary to what many believe, all of the greek statues and such which are white/cream now were actually painted totally bright colors and adorned! It’s just so old! To be honest, I was a bit sleepy today and the history and Acropolis was nice and all, but Athens definitely didn’t amaze me.


the BAD PART of the day was when….: Out of my own amusement and entertainment, I thought it would be funny for Allie to Vine (video me) going up to random people and to start singing (really belting) out notes (basically loud opera noises). SO Allie told me to do it to this one lady walking up with two other girls (presumably her daughters). She looked middle-aged but on the older side and not too friendly.  So I walk up and started doing my lil’ opera groove and she immediately halts in her stance like a dog that feels alarmed from an invader or unwanted guest and it freaked me out, She just stands there frozen and starts glaring at me and right away I knew that this was NOT a good sign. She starts talking in Greek and I don’t understand anything and she soon realizes this and so she says in English, “What was that” but in this serious, scary voice  and I try to explain but she obviously doesn’t get it. THEN her CRAZY daughter comes up and snatches the phone out of Allies hand like this insane monster (Medusa) and tries to delete it. She has these ugly neon acrylic nails and is stupidly trying to delete it even though she has no idea what she is doing and she is so intimidating and mean and literally looked like she wanted to attack me. She starts yelling at me freaking out and trying to be in control of the situation by doing it all herself like if a robber came in with a gun at you and had all of the control in the situation. It was so scary and so I took it and showed her that I deleted it and wow it was just overwhelming and unexpected. She finally believed me that I deleted it and they walked away still yelling at us. I was left speechless and the entire group of us just froze and looked at each other kind of uncertain of how to take it all in. Then my mom got mad at me and I was embarrassed and that’s that. So you can assume that my idea of Athen’s people is probably a bit negatively colored. Well let’s just say I am never going to spontaneously go up to strangers and do random things like dance in front of them like I did in Istanbul. There they either laughed or smiled or just looked at me very confused. Much nicer there obviously!

Now I’m back on the ship and its 5pm, currently 7am in LA and I am glad to be back. By the way I had more greek yogurt here, and the god of theatre and wine and like good times is Dionysus and Athena is the Goddess of wisdom; she was born from Zeus’ forehead which was split open by his son and out she came. Just some fun facts. My tone in this blog post is quite different and I feel as if that situation kind of damped my mood. Oh well it’s a good story to tell and a lesson well learned! Tomorrow’s a day at sea and I’m excited for a full day of doing nothin’ but chillin’!

~xoxo Ali~


Athens is a pretty big city


#selfie at the Acropolis


me n’ Susannah #swag


a majority of everyone, but we probably wouldn’t all fit in one picture together


Will is a trojan




awww me and Pinocchio!


formal night!


me n’ Allie’s dad, Scott!


windy niht on top of the curie ship!





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