Day at Sea- June 24th, 2014

Today was our “day at sea”, or basically a day where you stay on the boat and tan, swim, eat, and be lazy or walk around trying to find something to do. We only have one day at sea on this cruise and to be honest, I’d be happy with an extra.

It’s very nice to have one day of relaxation where we aren’t walking around bruising the bottoms of our feet under a hot sun trying to find our way around a foreign country. Constantly doing and going and walking gets exhausting, especially after it’s excessive. Today I met up with Susannah and Allie and a girl named Julie from Maryland who is 17 who Susannah introduced us to last night. It’s really convenient that we met these girls on the ship and now it’s so nice because we have friends to hang out with! Allie and I began the day at the gym, trying to work out our abs in hopes of flattening out our stomachs, since we fear the cruise ship food has been bloating us up. I thought I got a pretty good workout and afterwards we got into our bikinis and headed out to soak up the Mediterranean sunshine, which is when we met up with Susannah and Julie. After cat napping and getting a pretty good tan we sat by the pool and watched some sort of teen pool olympic boys vs girls games that were going on, a little upset that we slept through it and couldn’t join in ourselves. We have been meeting so many different people around our age on this cruise ship, like for example last night we not only met Julie, but tons of guys who just came up and started talking to us. Since Julie and I are 17, we can’t go into the clubs and so Nicole, Alexa, Julie, Susannah, and me were sitting at a table outside the nightclub and two guys came up to us and introduced themselves. They were from Montreal, Canada and were both French, and we later found out even though I’m pretty sure they didn’t want us to, that they were 25. They got us drinks and we were talking about random stuff, like what foods are healthy and how getting fit is 80% about what you eat and how you need to work out all of your body to actually see change, since one of the guys owns his own workout business or something of the sort. I also got to practice my french with them so that was a plus. Nicole and Alexa seemed to be a little creeped out by them but we hung out for a little longer and we all went out on to the deck. At this point it was probably around 1:30am and so we just relaxed on some chairs as the brisk windy air blew furiously. It started to get a bit concerning when we were sitting down and they said we should go around and tell each other one thing we liked about ourselves and them. They went around saying one thing they liked about each of us girls, but we didn’t do the same to them and instead just said thanks. They said they liked my hair, Susannah’s eyes, and Nicole’s smile (Julie and Alexa had gone to their rooms at this point). I then proceeded to sing a portion of “Electric Feel” by MGMT for them after Susannah told them of my great karaoke earlier that night and they convinced me to sing for them. Earlier I did karaoke and I sang Sara Bareilles’ “Love Song”. There were quite a few other interesting performances such as the asian boy who sang, “Hey There Delilah” by the Plain White Tee’s and proceeded to tell me the next day that it was about me. That was in the jacuzzi and I hope it was a joke. Not only that, but we got to watch two very interesting gals perform various pop songs (they weren’t shy to do encores even though nobody asked them to) and tie it in with some hip hop/contemporary dance moves (awful dance moves). They seemed very confident with their bodies and themselves and I hope they didn’t notice that I was secretly video taping them. If so, they probably just thought it was going on Youtube with the title, “Amazing, Gorgeous Girl on Cruise Ship Sings Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful”. After we left the 25 year olds and I got enough French practice in, we ran into Santiago (the 17 year old from Spain Susannah and I met the first night) and two other boys. One of them was from Texas and his dad was a pastor so we all sat indian style in a circle right by the elevator at 2am in the morning discussing religion and the wonderful works of Jesus and God, according to the perspective of the Texan son of a pastor. To be honest I started to laugh at first because he was so serious about everything he was saying and I have so many friends who don’t believe in it all just as I do and consider themselves to be agnostics. That was probably not the smartest thing to do but he understood where I was coming from and in his southern accent asked, “Am I losing you”? I insisted that he wasn’t and asked him to continue with his story in which he described to me his dad’s life story of beginning a relationship with God and Jesus and being “saved” as they call it. His dad was born in Canada, grew up in New York and was part of a big party, football family and one night heard a voice and got a call that his dad was in the hospital and had just gotten a heart attack. After that, he felt a sudden immense surge of love overcome his body and apparently it had to be God. So ever since then he has dedicated his life to being a pastor. He also told me that his aunt lived in New Orleans and practiced voodoo and that when she died she screamed to her daughter “The flames! I see the flames! It’s burning!” SO basically I am assuming that they think she went to Hell. Personally I think it could’ve just been a bad fever, maybe menopause. I guess I had too much of a lighthearted perspective towards religion and it really freaked me out to hear about a kid my age preaching about it in such a passionate and serious way, as if it affected his entire life. Thinking about that stuff kind of scares me but its also very interesting because its so mysterious, controversial and sublime. So after a couple rounds of debate and questioning over the creation of the world and the meaning and importance of “God” I had to call it a night. And what a night it was!

~xoxo Ali~


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