Sicily is Sizzlin’ (cuz I was there duh): June 26th, 2014


Yesterday was our first day in Italy, specifically in Sicily (Sicilia) in the region of Taormina: the land of cannolis and bolognese or at least that’s what I consider Italy to be at first thought.

We were signed up for another tour guide thing but our bus did not have air conditioning: just our luck. My family basically thought the world was coming to an end because cool air wasn’t being circumvented through the claustrophobic air. So, we pulled over and waited about thirty minutes until another bus came. Ugh our parents are so high maintenance. Anyways 30 minutes later a new bus came (halleluah) and we were on our way again.

Up on a hilly mountaintop Sicily is tucked away yet wide open and accomodated for all of the American tourist’s desires, from hand made ceramics to prosciutto and cheese sandwiches (I had one and it was delicious). I also had an incredible cannoli topped with chocolate chips and some pistachio crumble, since they are known for their pistachios (how random). We walked around and explored the tourists shops searching for the authentic little cafes and handmade crafts. It was a nice cloudy day but that didn’t stop the heat from coming. Afterwards we headed to the beach and baked in the blistering sun. Similar to Costa Rica and Mexico there were vendors all over, mostly men trying to sell cheap sunnies and jewelry and asian ladies trying to convince everyone to get massages, which suprisingly went well for them. Once one person in our group decided to indulge in a foot massage basically every one got one. I got a foot massage and it was alright, but it wasn’t as good as a back massage and sometimes the idea of massages form random strangers in general creeps me out. Allie’s dad Scott got a back and foot massage and THEN gave his lady a massage, a very unexpected return from her perspective I am sure, especially after he was screaming “HARDER!” when she was massaging him. He thought she was tired from all of her work. Susannah and I quickly dove into the Mediterranean ocean to cool off as we were beginning to leave and head back to the ship. It was so refreshing to jump in the freezing water and float after soaking up the sun and sweating from a mixture of the heat and the greasiness of the baby oil from the massagers. Back at the cruise ship we got in the jacuzzi and met our new friend , Nathalie pronounced (Natalia)from Norway. Nathalie is from Norway and at first I thought she was British; everybody was captivated by her beautiful voice and accent. She later told us that her mom is British and thats where she gets it from, so its a mix of Norwegian and British which makes it so cool. Later that night after a dinner consisting of about 15 courses of food (as usual at the fancy dinners we have had each night where we order atleast a soup, salad, two appetizers, two main courses, and two deserts each) I met up with everyone and we talked. Nathalie and I exchanged iphones and looked through each others photos to see what our lives were like where we were from and hers looked like a lot of fun partying it up with her friends. Obviously they aren’t as strict in Norway, I mean the drinking age is 18 just like everyone else except for America. She talked about her small town and how everybody knows everybody and how its quite beautiful and green and great for skiing and cold weather, and about how all of the high school seniors have SO MUCH FUN when they graduate. Apparently they have these things called RusseBuss’s which the seniors earn money to pay for and when they graduate they have this nonstop party celebration for three weeks on these busses and it seems amazing. So much better than the lame Magic Mountain night my school does. Wow America<Europe. She also introduced me to a bunch of cool new music that I am excited to lookup and talked to me about the popular things where she’s from like snus which is like chewing tobacco but in these tiny tea bags and you stick them under your upper lip on your gums and its relaxing and like this tingling minty sensation. I guess it can burn holes in your gums: pretty disgusting in my opinion but a lot of her friends do it. I also met a kid named Chris earlier that day (or maybe the day before) who lives in Malibu and goes to a school I know of, which is pretty cool. We also met a kid named Matt from Louisiana in the jacuzzi. The jacuzzi is the prime spot on cruise ships for meeting people, intimate enough to where you feel the need to start a conversation with the people accompanying you by the jets but roomy enough to have your own space (usually). Of course Susannah and Julie were there as well and we just had a casual fun night discussing and learning about each other’s lives! Cruises rock! And so does making new friends! All in all it was a fun night! The cruise is almost over! :(

~xoxo Ali~





the amazing cannoli I ate ^


Matthew and Will getting foot massages from the husband and wife team on the beach


my outfit for the second formal night on the cruise. I am wearing cork wedges with black straps if you can’t see.


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