Flea Market Dresses & Wearing Leather in the Summertime

Today, I went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market which is my absolute FAVORITE place to shop:

I buy EVERYTHING THERE. I will do a post specifically on the Rose Bowl Flea market and my tips for shopping there, what to look for etc. the next time I go (it’s every second Sunday of the month). I took my friend Andra today, who was one of my closest friends in middle school and who I hadn’t seen in several years! Gorgeous, sweet, and fun as always it wasn’t long until we were back to our old selves, laughing and scouring through the racks of vintage dresses under the boiling valley sun. I picked up this red, checkered, halter dress for 12 bucks today as well as a different blue checkered dress (much more poofy and frilly and southern than this: I am planning on wearing the blue one to my back to school dance which is a southern/country theme!). I thought this dress might have potential, and apparently it did! I paired it with my new obsession, my tall black top shop heels and my classic leather jacket. I added a delicate bangle and went light on the makeup with my hair natural and tousled and a touch of pink lip gloss. Since this dress is so light and summery it was totally appropriate to layer on a leather jacket to balance out the look without making it too heavy and fall/winter-like. Also, it was convenient to wear the jacket to cover up the bruises my arms will probably start showing from the many times Andra punched me as she spotted different states’ license plates on the drive home as we listened to indie girl bands in my mini. Just kidding, she obviously didn’t punch me THAT hard. :-)
~xoxo Ali~

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