Be a buddha

Senior year is worse than junior year…. MUCH worse.


I have stayed up past 4am on weekdays busting out 12 page essays for APEL several times, I have written more school and college essays in a month than I thought possible, and I have had days where three commitments of mine all start at the same time and there’s nothing I can do about it. College aps, AP’s, the ridiculous course load of Chaminade in general, drama rehearsals and shows, senior retreat, college visits, school club meetings, and all of the other ridiculous things I have to take care of as a senior like my senior quote (the first two got rejected and I had to think another one HOW RUDE) are only SOME of the things I have had to juggle. I can’t believe I even thought second semester junior year was hard, WOW!

Anyways, this summer my friend Lindsey began reading this book on how to live like the Buddha and it just so happened to be when I started learning about Buddhism in my class, World Religions of the East. We had just finished a day of yoga out on the Chaminade campus when she told me about it, and I have actually started to take yoga classes this year. Something about the deep-breathing, stretching, and difficult long-holding poses and moves of yoga followed by a relaxing savasana is more rejuvenating and relaxing than anything I have ever felt. After every yoga class I drive home slowly with all of my windows down listening to relaxing music as I watch the sunset slowly trickle down and I tilt my head out the window, yoga really puts you in a trance! And other than yoga, I had always found a deep interest in Buddhist philosophy ever since I read, Siddhartha by Herman Hesse freshman year, and reading more in depth on the customs and practices as well as reading an incredible book called, Cinema Nirvana by Dean Sluyter made me realized how easily applicable Buddhist ideals can be to one’s ordinary life. Right intention, right thoughts, deep breathing, living in moderation, trying to live without too many attachments (or none at all for the Buddhist monk) are all ideals that one should incorporate into their daily lifestyle anyways, in my opinion. What I think me and Lindsey both enjoy so much about Buddhism is how its not a religion focused on gods or specific doctrines, sure there’s the eightfold path and four noble truths, but what it’s true goal aims at is helping one find enlightenment. We are all searching for some kind of enlightenment, aren’t we? We are all trying to figure out who we are, what is best for us, how to find happiness and success, and what this life is. Buddhism is a simple guideline to help us get there whilst staying relaxed, healthy, and harmonious with oneself and nature. So, I’ve decided that I need to stop stressing so much about senior year and just live simply and take time to do more yoga and breath, and maybe not indulge in so much social media because moderation is KEY after all! The book Lindsey is reading is called, Walk Like a Buddha by Lodro Rinzler. Maybe I’ll read that next!

Lindsey has just recently started a blog of her own called:   go follow it!  Om!











~ xoxo Ali~


  1. Hi Ali – I have a google alert set for Walk Like a Buddha (as well as my other books) and it directed me to your website. I am glad to hear my book has been helpful to your friend. I love that photo of it. Would you mind if I posted it on my Facebook page?

    1. Hi Mr. Rinzler- Of course you can post it, I would be honored! I will definitely be reading your book after hearing about how much my friend loved it and I will look into more of your books as well. Have you read Cinema Nirvana by Dean Sluyter? He guest spoke at my school and is amazing; if you haven’t I suggest you check that out as well!

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