Chella 15 shook ME all 3 nights long


I gave you my advice, so now would you like to know about my personal experience this year? Well of course you do!

You may be asking, what did I eat at Coachella this year?
Well I always eat a lot wherever I go, but Coachella is special. Imagine a bunch of food trucks (but instead they are food stands) all meshed together in two different areas on the Coachella grounds, with hands offering you meals that represent practically the entire continent. If you imagine this you are possibly somewhat accurately imagining the food they have at Coachella. I ate everything from pad thai to dumplings to tamales to roasted corn to meatball subs to vanilla chai popsicles and jasmine tea icecream to pineapple juice to Greek gyros to Asian bbq. Don’t spend all your time eating because you will gain 5 pounds and another chin like me, but if you do, bring a bunch of money bc dis place ain’t cheap.

You may be asking, what bands and artists did I see at Coachella? Or more importantly, what shows did I ACTUALLY see the entire duration of and enjoy/recommend for future concerts? I am only mentioning the ones worthwhile
A lot!
Alabama Shakes: absolutely incredible: the musicians are very talented and the main singer has a wonderful, unique, raspy, soulful voice that is hard to identify with a particular gender and I like this about it. Imagine country blues/soul alternative rock and this is it. MUST SEE
SONG SUGGESTIONS: “Hang Loose”, “Hold On”, “Always Alright”, “Gimme All Your Love”

Skipped by Tame Impala for one of their big hits, but they are great and worth seeing.
SONG SUGGESTIONS: “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”, “Apocalypse Dreams”, “Mind Mischief”
AC/DC: probably one of my favorite if not my favorite show of the weekend. The music is so incredibly catchy and fun to rock out to. While these men are pretty dang old, they rocked out with the energy of 13IMG_8632year old boys in their classic schoolboy look. The guitarist rocked out harder than any musician I’ve ever seen and his guitar solo lasted for about ten minutes, maybe more. They ended every song like a finale. I’d pay to see them in concert again.

SONG SUGGESTIONS: if you don’t know AC/DC classics who even are you? “Dirty Deeds”, “You Shook Me All Night Long” “Thunderstruck” “Back in Black” “Highway to Hell”


We came a bit later on this day and I unfortunately didn’t see Alison Wonderland who I would’ve liked to as well as Clean Bandit. Serena saw St. Paul and the Broken Bones and after watching some of their live stream show I can say I would’ve definitely wanted to see them- they are a bit Alabama Shakes-esque just more rock and they are amazing. IMG_8609alt-J: Awesome show and an awesome voice and I was front row on the left right behind the VIP/IMG_8959 guest section. But personally, I got a little impatient with this show because the music is very gentle and I like catchy, upbeat things that I can dance to.
SONG SUGGESTIONS: “Left-Hand Free” “Breezeblocks” “Fitzpleasure” “Every Other Freckle”, “Tessellate”

Jack White: we stayed in our nice front spot and waited for this performance, which was WELL worth it. This was one of my favorites as well. Jack White is an incredible performer, singer, musician and artist in general. Watching his shows is like watching a huge improvisational act with him and a bunch of other genius musicians as they feed off each other’s energy and the crowd’s energy to designate which songs and transformations they would like to do. He manipulated his voice incredibly and put on a wonderful show and told his audience that, “Music is sacred”, which might be the truest thing I’ve heard.
SONG SUGGESTIONS: anything, honestly.

DISCLAIMER: if you like the Weeknd then you should not read this next paragraph:
I saw the Weeknd (and yes he annoyingly spells it with a missing e, ugh) and I have never been a big fan because I personally think his lyrics are a little too sexual and rape-y and his voice sounds whiney, but we stayed because Serena’s friend wanted to. My feet throbbed during the performance as the man standing in front of us profusely flossed his teeth with one of those kid, dinosaur floss things and I somehow managed to survive. He also decided to hide his band behind a giant red screen for the beginning of his performance, which Serena and I took much offense to. The stage aesthetic was unique, because he had a cool screen behind him that changed color, but his palm-tree looking hair is very distracting and unattractive. Why would somebody decide to put their hair into a giant lump on the top of their head that looks like it should be the shape of an ice sculpture? And I don’t understand why so many girls in my grade find his objectification of women to be so attractive, but hey, everybody loves to objectify women in their music, don’t they?

-Mac DeMarco: he has this acoustic, hazy almost psychedelic feel to his music and voice. It was very nice to just sway from side to side and close my eyes to his music during the hot day. He is very popular among pothead frat boys, or it seemed like it from the crowd at his show
SONG SUGGESTIONS: “Salad Days”, “Treat Her Better”, “Goodbye Weekend” and “Cooking Up Something Good”


-Jenny Lewis: I have seen one of her shows before Coachella and she is INCREDIBLE live. I was front row and she brought out Haim, one of my favorite bands and I almost started to cry. They have an adorable new song out together called, “Girl on Girl”. Check it out!! They are all valley girls like me

SONG SUGGESTIONS: “The Next Messiah”, “Acid Tongue” “Godspeed” “She’s Not Me” “Head Underwater” and “Love U Forever”. I suggest “Silver Lining” by Rilo Kiley, the band she was previously in, as well. All of her songs are great. Two of her biggest albums, “Acid Tongue” and “The Voyager” have COMPLETELY different , but both are great.
Kaskade: good show but I left early to see Stromae, which was WORTH IT

Stromae: incredible French artist whose music is an electronic pop rap sort of mixture that incorporates European sounds and tunes into his songs. Incredible performer, singer, dancer, and artist and his show was one of my favorites.
SONG SUGGESTIONS: “Alors on Danse”, “Tous les memes”, “Avf”, “Papaoutai” “Batard”, “Carmen” and all other songs

Florence and the Machine: Serena, Cairo and I skipped over to the halfway mark of Florence’s show and I was very glad I did. We danced and ran around the grass field to “Dog Days Are Over” and “Shake it Off” and I felt so happy during that moment it’s unexplainable. Florence also asked us to jump and take an article of clothing off for her finale, and you can imagine that Serena and I did. Nothing explicit, though ☺

ODESZA: to be honest I don’t remember electronic performances too well usually, but this one was awesome. I don’t know what songs to suggest, probably the most popular tunes.

Drake: never was a big fan of this dude, but his show was pretty good except for the fact that I MISSED MADONNA. I was extremely disappointed. But u kno I luved getting’ down to “Started from the bottom”.

Honorable mentions:
-Sitting on the shoulders of nice tall man during, “Alors on Danse” during Stromae

-Eating purple icecream that a man on drugs was fixated with. He then stated, “Your boobs like awesome… sorry is that something I’m not supposed to say. Wow, your boobs are just talking to me right now”

-hopping the fence to sneak into the artist guest’s/vip section with Serena to watch the Weeknd, who I don’t even like LOL

-HAIM coming out with Jenny Lewis and me being front row! And Jenny looking into my eyes and smiling at me

-The man in front of us at Jack White who was profusely flossing his teeth with one of those dinosaur shaped kid-flossing tools. He then began to stretch his legs???

-at least ten minute long guitar solo during ac-dc that rocked my world
-running around like crazy women during Florence and the Machine

liv luv coachella. enough said

~xoxo Ali~

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