cheap Rosé is NEVER a good idea – Paris // Europe Trip


Serena, Sara and I got 45 minutes of sleep our last night in London and had to wake up at 4am to catch the train to Paris. Oh la la, Paris! La vie de mes reves! (accents are missing in that phrase) We got to the gorgeous ville and after settling in our hotel (which means throwing our luggage inside our rooms and getting our room keys) we got a lovely lunch across the street at a cafe where they tricked us into buying the bread and cheese plate yet not letting us know that it was 15 euros. Classic Frenchies. Anyways, it was delicious and at least we got our cheese in France! Plus, you really can’t beat the bread and butter here as well. I got a delish salad featured here:


as well as a panoramic view of the lunch table and me and my parisian swag as I casually hold my vin blanc


Anyways, it is not my first rodeo in Paris as it was in London and I have already experienced the magic and wonder that consumes a first-timer as they walk around amazed by the bazillion carts offering you nutella crepes, the ridiculously large Abercrombie and Fitch on Champs Elysees and the simple chic beauty that is Paris and its gorgeous architecture and neatly-trimmed tall hedges (I don’t know why I have such a love for their nicely groomed shrubbery but it truly is quite evident if you take the time to observe). Even so, I enjoy the city just as much because I find a love for trying to truly immerse myself in Parisian culture and embody the qualities of a true Parisian. I find that I fit in to European culture quite easily with my fashion style and overall “pura vida” “yolo” outlook on life, as well as my love for indulging and taking the time to slowly and thoroughly explore cities in a non-traditional, non-touristy way. I also love to use my French wherever I can and it gets immensely better with every visit.

After our lunch, we went with Buzz to see le tour Eiffel, swiftly parade through the Champs Elysees and stop for some delicious macarons at Laduree, because what truly is a visit to Paris without a stop to Laduree? French friends of mine have told me it’s not the place to get the best macaron in Paris as many claim, but there’s something about the adorable mint green box and golden letters and classy decor of the store/restaurant that makes it so irresistible and adorable.

11241431_10204422478030717_4508560214237479331_n 11402939_10204422482590831_3827684519676526845_n 11012848_10204422479550755_8082123859793763349_n 1513704_10204422478390726_2762855913153273753_n 11700816_10204422478910739_7160986284952947177_n 10292551_10204422479070743_1519798560138773203_n

is there ever a limit for how many selfies with le tour eiffel is considered appropriate? no, never.

11026596_10204423109246497_572838685893865805_n-1 11707668_10204422483670858_7350012370003800827_n

how can you resist walking in here???11254159_10204422485230897_1578794188488293551_n

After our busy day, Serena Taylor and I went to Carrefour (a big food market chain in France) (and I only know that because I went there constantly when I was living with my home stay in Biarritz two years ago) and picked up some cheap macarons and wine and quinoa salads for a lovely picnic by le tour eiffel out on the grass. We got our little blanket and set up a mini photoshoot for the macarons and wine (obviously my idea, which came out to be an adorable instagram photo) and enjoyed sipping on our rose and laughing and chatting. We quickly learned from that picnic that you should never buy macarons from a grocery store because they are NOT good and that if you are going to drink wine, DON’T and I repeat DON’T drink cheap wine, ESPECIALLY cheap rose. It tastes terrible and is truly not very easy to get down. Take it from a gal who knows. But you do what you gotta do I guess. After singing and relaxing we headed back home and slept in, gaining energy for our next adventures.


because there’s nothing better than an old mini except an old mini in PARIS11701112_10204422487550955_7507293711755647416_n IMG_1485 11062813_10204422485550905_6565232200932406451_n 11403387_10204422486350925_8254402195930887612_n 11051811_10204422479790761_8650102095931954342_o IMG_1180 IMG_1188

The next day we began our day trying to go to a place my friend Angela recommended called Cafe Lomi for breakfast, but of course we go on the one day they do not do their special breakfast, so we drank their house tea and had a scone and then hopped on over to another restaurant for a quick lunch (clearly we eat often) and then caught up with the rest of the group at le Sacre Couer and walked around the area admiring the street artists, watching our bags for pick picketers who I’d say are the worst in that particular area, and enjoying awesome gelati as we watched gypsy run away with somebody’s wallet (poor, naive tourist). There was also an awesome french man playing his accordion on the steps of the church. He is featured here:


After exploring that area we headed over to le Notre Dame and the  Love Lock Bridges (which will be gone by the next time I or any other visitors head over to Paris because they are taking them down due to their heavy weight on the decrepit bridges and lots of scamming with street vendors selling locks and ripping tourists off and etc) ! So sad :( We walked the streets and headed to Le Louvre to glance at Mona Lisa, make some jokes about her and search for some wifi because what else do white, American teenage girls do in Europe #spoiled. We ate dinner at a quaint yet fancy local restaurant and indulged. We spent 115 euros, which was the most we’d spent on a meal all trip so far (I wish I could say on the entire trip but clearly me and Serena are not good money managers). It was Taylor, Serena and I and I might have never laughed so hard as I did at that dinner table. We ate escargots (or at least I did), duck pate, steak a size bigger than our three heads combined, the local catch of the day, and some other dish I don’t recall. And obviously we had their delicious chocolate mousse cake for dessert. Oh and wine. Who do you think we are???

10628149_10204422488790986_3076812050727486580_n 11101196_10204422988323474_5714303336313183560_n 11659470_10204422488230972_6073933193987663052_n 11709442_10204422961202796_5208060878822529450_n


tha whole Buzz crew11694166_10204422489230997_209582981762754452_n


in front of Le Notre Dame with Sophie and Rachel10155895_10204423108686483_2577472608592474108_n

just me being a social butterfly on le metro11402824_10204422491191046_3394154854287270564_n 11659272_10204422492951090_28704713271636244_n

11403066_10204422492191071_6191133690004697536_n11403007_10204422490951040_3320837817286847224_n 11401192_10204423108206471_340953804328586055_n

Sabrina, me, Rachel and Sophie jumping11403396_10204422491991066_2901977975771470546_n


the original Moulin Rouge on a crazy sex street in Paris ( as in the fact that it’s filled with live strip bars, clubs, shops and even a museum of sex (no, we are not in Amsterdam yet)


another Paris mini cooper!!!! <3

11665405_10204422738317224_6881361031849044923_n 1536623_10204422736877188_4427482943236621126_n 11058185_10204422736997191_748448392970268329_n 11224218_10204422734957140_2033518692639258592_n 20088_10204422744317374_6650180064910143043_n 11692737_10204422735677158_379745012045588450_n 11709623_10204422736037167_7065911525133268208_n

my literal life motto

11350475_10204422734837137_6225350516160032511_n 11227911_10204422735557155_4916032547822715402_n 11667378_10204422737277198_5835168454034999232_n 11694003_10204422735077143_8434486717997480660_n 1441179_10204422736357175_2592170547399581267_n

11055326_10204422738757235_690714193883475876_o 11350489_10204422740997291_5598247068374498538_n

11667349_10204422744997391_2767171679492124457_n11040605_10204422737677208_5952084164626532202_n  11231743_10204422737477203_4541180726967942529_n



After our busy adventures and filling dinner, we got ready for a night out in Paris which was definitely an all-night-out. We ran into a group of 20-ish French peeps on the metro who took us to a club. We got drinks and danced with them but they were kinda odd so we made up an excuse to leave and ran into somebody we knew on the street who introduced us to her friend who had gone to high school at Agoura and now lived in Paris and had his own restaurant. He took us back to his restaurant fro drinks and chat and then we went back to the club. We love mojitos. I danced with some French black guys while the song N****s in Paris played and one of them whispered in my ear that he was, “The REAL N*** of Paris”. Figures.  Long story short, we ended up walking back to our hotel at 7 in the morning looking like hookers walking in our heels and dresses. Basically, I named a goldfish Ciel (which means Sky inFrench), I made friends with a 26 year-old French friend who kept calling me Lady Gaga and such, we took a picture on his friend’s Vespa, we unexpectedly made great friends with tons of Jewish, French boys in a country so many people think is anti-semitic, and we had one of the craziest nights ever. The details are of course solely for our memory :)

IMG_1531 IMG_1508 IMG_1510 IMG_1513 IMG_1538

this was at 7 in the morning ^^^ :)

After our morning return from the all-nighter, Serena and I slept in until 2pm the next day. We woke up sick as dogs with dirty kleenexes covering our floors, vix jars all around and clothing EVERYWHERE. We aren’t the cleanest of roommates. Serena felt worse than I, so me and Taylor went to get her medicine from a pharmacy and pick her up food to eat while we began our day independently. We went to an area called Le Marais to shop with Sara and two guy friends she met on the trip. It happened to be Gay Pride day and there was a HUGE gay pride parade and rainbow flags were flying EVERYWHERE. I love how liberal Europeans are :) It was such perfect timing since the day before, SCOTUS legalized gay marriage federally!!! I continued to practice my French and speak Franglais (a word I created to mean a mix of French and English) and we walked around and shopped. I picked up a funky, stone ring from a small Hindu shop and we stopped and ate bagels. We also briefly danced on the street by a bar where tons of men in tight little underwear were dancing around celebrating.


11350489_10204422751357550_7110763777317327946_n 11666299_10204422748277473_7909051671546840304_n 11312769_10204422749597506_7913071605813222331_o 11698637_10204422748797486_947716795204474588_n 11694798_10204422750477528_1141444766843083398_n 22093_10204422761597806_1600037461371387901_n

the street art around Le Marais is INCREDIBLE: and so is the shopping!!! A must-go-to area if you want to shop in Paris

This trip has not only given me a chance to have the time of my life, but it has also given me the chance to get closer with people whom I wasn’t as close to before like Taylor and Emma, who I LOVE after spending so much time with!!! Our next stop is Cannes, France and I hope there are more cute boys who will like my French accent, because that NEVER gets old. I am also deathly afraid to put a bikini on in Cannes, France (our next stop) after all of the croissants, macarons, bread, butter, wine, pastries, and other incredible carbs I’ve ingested or should I say inhaled in the past couple of days. Oh well, c’est la vie and it’s certainly a life I am enjoying!IMG_1604

just one of the notes Buzz and his team leave for us hanging in our hotel lobbies so we don’t miss the train to our next destination and get the info we need for our next days :)

~ xoxo Ali ~

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  1. Ali I just love reading your blogs and seeing all the pictures. Your blog is like a great novel that you don’t want to end!!

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