Is it pronounced like can or ken ?? – Cannes, France // Europe Trip


After the hectic buzz of Paris and London, our group headed to the coast to abandon the craziness of the metropolitan urban city life and take a sort of vacation from a vacation. We headed to Cannes, France, a small beach town that we called home for two nights. The constant traveling that this trip requires as we constantly move from place to place is mentally, physically and even emotionally exhausting. Just imagine traveling to a city, immediately trying to as Buzz says “conquer it” or do everything and anything you possibly can do in it all day and then stay up and out in clubs and bars all night and then go to sleep and do the same thing for one or two more days, THEN pack and wake up early in the morning to travel up and down staircases with your heavy luggage and stressfully try to hop on to your next train before the doors close on all 100 of you, and THEN do it all over again times like 7!! Traveling days honestly are the worst because of how exhausting and stressful this is. But the rest of the time couldn’t be more worth it.
After arriving in Cannes, Taylor, Serena, Emma and I got delicious pizza and salad and made a toast with our piña coladas to Europe and being the girls of sex and the city. I was unanimously chosen as Carrie, Serena as Samantha, Taylor as Charlotte and Emma as Miranda. We then danced our way down to the beach and immediately dove into the salty, warm water. OUR FIRST BEACH!!!!!! Since it is totally acceptable to be topless at the beach in Europe many of us girls wanted to embrace this sense of equality and liberation, so we swam deeper into the ocean and as a group took of our tops. It was the most LIBERATING FEELING I MUST TELL YOU. We did not have the courage to all walk out of the water without them on as the rest of the tour group boys were standing there playing volleyball, though. We played beach volleyball with some Frenchies, I tanned a bit and then we headed back to our rooms and got ready for DA CLUB! Unfortunately, the club (we came to find out after a 3 mile walk in wedges) was exclusive that night for a Persian wedding. Needless to say it was a disappointment, so many of us just walked back found a bar and got to chatting and walking around. I walked back to our hotel with three of the boys from our trip and we got totally lost, found a bird locked inside a closed store, found ourselves in a very awkward situation when one of the guys was trying to hit on me and I did not give him the response he desired, and eventually took a taxi back. I went to bed at 3am.

11011907_10204454566712914_2550008991702606450_n IMG_1618 IMG_1617 IMG_0006 IMG_1611 11692705_10204457065935393_4271455988292900306_n 11168002_10204457066215400_2765013277335334865_n

never enough selfies… or pina coladas.
The next day we woke up at 8:45 to start our day trip to Monte Carlo, Monaco. Serena felt sick and tired, so she didn’t go but we all did and just explored and enjoyed. I had the BEST TRUFFLE PIZZA of my entire life from a market in Monaco and delicious Laduree rose icecream with rose macaron crumbles all over it. The food here in Europe is insane, just INSANE ! The Monte Carlo casino was closed and after that trip we headed to an area called Ville Franche and beached it (in Nice, France) This was probably one of the most gorgeous beaches I have ever been to. I snorkeled in the multi-colored water and fed bread to the fishes! I also had a delicious piña colada, because I can’t get enough of them, and roasted in the Italian sun (even thought the sun isn’t solely one nationality). I was so sad Serena missed out, but I came back to Cannes to see that she actually did a crazy amount of shopping and got the night club outfits she had wanted to get in Zara, after withdrawing about 300 EUROS FROM OUR SHARED CREDIT CARD! That night Serena and I went to dinner with Max and these girls Danielle and Jacqueline, and it was the first and hopefully only disappointing dinner we will have all trip. Then we headed down to the beach and drank wine on a blanket and talked Franglais (french and English blend) with a big group of French boys our age who came up to meet us. One of them is going to school in Israel next year and they were all SO excited when they found out we were Jewish!! It’s so funny how all of the French boys we’ve been meeting are Jewish. Serena and I skipped home and sang American boy and other American tunes it seems the Europeans can’t get enough of because they literally play them in EVERY CLUB WE GO TO. There was a certain time during this part of the trip where we also ate sushi and it was delicious, but I am not sure when that was so I am just adding it here for good measure. And for other good measure, it was really good sushi. Liv luv Cannes.



Monte Carlo


rose flavored Laduree ice-cream with rose macaron pieces crumbled on top. Heaven? yes 11701060_10204424333597105_777307330639696058_n


chillin’ with our main man Buzz

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Nice, France

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this was the worst pina colada I’ve ever had but still having an awesome time, clearly

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