More pasta, please? – Florence, Italy // Europe Trip


After the beauty of Cinque Terre the group headed on a train to Pisa to see the one and only leaning tower of Pisa and take a cliche photo leaning on the tower. We then headed to Florence, Italy and when we finally got to the hotel, Serena and I crashed on our beds and took a very long nap. We were SO happy to finally have reliable air conditioning and wifi. JUST KIDDING because “reliable” wifi is pretty much non-existent here. We then woke up, drove up to see Michaelangelo’s statue butt and a gorgeous view of the city, and then walked down the road to have an incredible italian meal. I had a spicy arrabiatta with meat (because ya girl CANNOT pass down an arrabiatta when she sees one) as well as the best cream spinach I have ever had and some relish wine. I feel as if jotting down the foods I ate is important for times like this when I include the details in my blog. Aren’t you so glad you know what I ate??




11709507_10204457065175374_851609495292438286_n 988582_10204457065495382_202087894477523552_n

After dinner we went to a club called Space and celebrated our American independence with the rest of the group (because everyone pretty much went to this club). Serena and I made sure to stick together in this club because Florence is KNOWN for its sex trafficking ( and you know we didn’t wanna end up like the girl’s friend in the first Taken movie #yikes). The music was obnoxious, American radio music unlike the awesome House music they were playing in London, but I still had a ton of fun that night cuz ya know I always do.


The next day Serena and I slept in (classic) and woke up at 11ish and went to the laundro-mat down the street to DO ALL OF OUR LAUNDY!!! This was the first time I did laundry on my own (sorry it’s true) and it was practically my entire suitcase of clothing. It was actually super fun and I felt like I was in Friends in that one episode where Rachel and Ross are doing laundry together at the laundromat and he starts developing a crush on her. While I was waiting for my clothes in the dryer and sitting with my suitcase, the man next to me noticed my Tulane University luggage tag and asked if I was a student. I told him I was an incoming freshman and he said that he used to be a professor there!!! Seriously what are the chances I would meet an ex-Tulane professor in a laundro-mat in Florence, Italy. Must be #fate. Afterwards I took Serena, Taylor, Sara and Emma to Al Anti Vecchio for the BEST sandwhich I have ever had in my life. I went to this place with my family last summer, which is where we ran into Buzz and his tour!! Super ironic. Serena and I shared two sandwiches: one salami and one proscuttio smother in truffle sauce and tomato and cheese and olive tapenade stuff and goodness and everything that could make a sandwich divine. We then browsed the leather markets and ZARA (because we browse every Zara) and went to a cool science museum and saw Galileo’s finger. I think that was the only time where either of us could have and will be able to ask, “Where can I find Galileo’s finger?” and it actually be a relevant question. I had a yummy porcini mushroom pasta for dinner, bought two beaded bracelets from a street vendor and went back to the hotel and slept.

11694164_10204457067575434_1901116278547090898_n 11698611_10204457067415430_3652025961426269863_n 11403411_10204457067815440_569274155543095632_n


when you tired af and you just CAN’T find the energy to get up and see Galileo’s finger because who really gaf 11659425_10204457068375454_5083663961551891400_n  11698586_10204457068695462_919467711494245026_n

Best . Sandwhich . Ever .


super awesome record store in Florence; they have the coolest record shops in Europe!

The next day we got up to go to VENICE! Chad, Preston, Taylor Emma, Serena and I took a gondola on the Grand Canal and the driver told us about how Venice might be all underwater in about 100-150 years! We also learned that each strip of houses is its own island and they are all connected by the bridges running through venice. I ate a butter sage ravioli and splurged at Longchamp because it’s cheaper in Europe and every gal needs a classic Longchamp bag for carrying at airports and such am I right. We indulged in a huge last-dinner-Italy and celebrated our soon-to-be entrance into Switzerland and mourned our departure from the hot and humid Italy. Bellissimo!!


cuties on the gondola11698544_10204497636629635_2090650513849068017_n

what are you doing with your hand gondola man ^11694973_10204497645629860_8457772307519809272_n 11705117_10204497633669561_4072707993207026783_n 11204462_10204497635829615_3948859471347118896_n

~ xoxo Ali ~

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