Switzerland tastes oh so sweet


The pastas in Italy are divine, the macarons and brie of Paris are la creme de la creme, but Switzerland itself is the crown jewel. As I looked outside the window of the train, mountains and green pastures rolled into view and I knew we were confronting an adventure and experience unique and refreshing to the heat and pollution and craze of the cities we’d just lived in. Switzerland is so so magical and breathtaking and I am currently sitting by a window in my hotel sipping my cappuccino and writing as Serena reads her book  and we await our homemade breakfast.

We immediately began adventuring from the minute we stepped foot on to Swiss soil. First off, we took a dip in the refreshing water of our incredible hotel called the Matenhoff, which is definitely our favorite hotel so far. It has this adorable public pool and area and little lodge where you can get the BEST burger with coleslaw and this delicious sauce and all these secret Switzerland ingredients. We ate and then rented bikes with Carolena, Taylor, Emma, Preston, Chad , Reed and Neil and road them 3 miles to the lake. It was absolutely GORGEOUS and the ride was such a scenic route filled with green pastures and sparkling blue rivers and flowers blowing in the dandelion breezes and smiling faces in cars and the happy light of Switzerland shining down. We hopped in the cold, glacier water of the lake and laughed and spun, admiring the panoramic million dollar view that was everywhere you turned. We dried up in the sun and relaxed until we got hungry and had to make a stop at a cute cabin-like restaurant where we enjoyed chicken kabobs and sangria and played Heads Up and bonded over how amazed we all were by Interlaken’s beauty. Interlaken, if you dissect the word, is inter and lake, which means in between lakes in English. This is because the city of Interlaken is actually in between two different lakes, AND it is the world capital of extreme sports! See my blog isn’t just a therapeutic outpour of my thoughts, it is also an educational website. Serena and I took note that everyone in Switzerland is SO friendly, much more so than in other parts of Europe. A bus driver was speeding down the street and saw that me and Serena wanted to cross on the cross walk, so he slammed on his breaks to stop and let us go and blew a million kisses to us. So sweet, so sweet. AND, nobody would ever do that in America !! We all biked back after an eventful afternoon and I made sure the lollipop stick in my mouth (free lolli from the friendly Swiss gal working at the restaurant) didn’t fall to the ground because I would have felt horrible to litter in the cleanest city I’d ever been in. It’s so clean I’ve literally seen a man sweeping the parking lot of our hotel with a broom! THE PARKING LOT GROUND! WHO EVEN DOES THAT?

11694744_10204497659190199_6020221834763639048_n 11701114_10204497662510282_7373277612555588414_n

me and Preston


seriously the best burger11705512_10204497662270276_5590858977150581748_o

by the GORGEOUS lake we swam in11695385_10204497647429905_5318457606547966393_n

“Backyard” of our beautiful hotel ^

11692582_10204498809898966_2779981058959646556_n 11705328_10204497664030320_4629691383487813777_n IMG_4024 IMG_2992 IMG_3604 10394504_10204497663310302_4834588180730789459_n 11709861_10204497663030295_5088096833248246281_o

11745916_10204497663510307_3525944289538442466_n IMG_3037

I don’t practice Santeria (only Sangria)IMG_3014

Serena probably pet EVERY dog she saw in Europe
The next day we got up bright and early for one of our favorite experiences on this trip: CANYONING! I have canyoneered at camp as well as in Costa Rica but I’d have to say that this was the most intense/exciting/beautiful canyoneering adventure I’ve yet to experience. We started with a fun repel down a cliff and for the rest of the time made our way through a thin valley in between the mountains of rocks with a glacier-cold river running through it. I think the most dangerous part might have been trying to safely maneuver through the slippery rocks with the water tugging at us with its current! We had to jump and slide down natural rocks, jumped from cliffs into the water, zip lined in between caves and faced our fears. It was seriously insane. Like I don’t even understand how I did half of the little jump tricks because I am so unathletic. The guy would literally tell us to jump from one rock on to another smooth, long rock and somehow jump perfectly so that our hips and legs were on that smooth rock and it would allow us to slide down it and into the water. It amazes me that I didn’t even break a nail. But seriously, WHAT an awesome adrenaline rush that activity was. We wore tight, full-body wet suits (not of which were very flattering on anybody) and each sported a helmet labeled with an inappropriate name that we were called for the duration of the 2 and a half-hour activity. My helmet said Poof. I initially chose it because I thought it was a cute kinda fairy-dust-ish name and the guys giggled when I picked it up. I later learned that Poof is a term for a gay man. But honestly I rocked it so whatev. And the various unflattering faces and snippets of double chin paired with my hairless-looking head in that helmet and unflattering wet body-suit in the pictures of me could have tricked a random viewer into thinking that it truly was a Poof wearing the helmet labeled Poof. It wasn’t my best day for looks. Afterwards we ate delicious sandwiches with incredible Swiss cheese as we sat in a pasture in the middle of the Swiss Alps. Serena and I ate our Swiss chocolate on the bus ride back as the bus full of kids sang along to Colt 45 while glaring out at the greens and blues shining through our window. When we came back to take off our gear and clean up, the guy who took my wetsuit from me said, “Thanks, good lookin'”. I thought I might add that comment in.

I took a quick dip in our hotel pool and chatted with Buzz and then took a hike with Chad who told me about his girl problems. Then, Serena and I walked downtown to get lotion for her ridiculous sun-rash and then delicious Paella as we watched the pouring rain fall down. Our friends joined us later and THEN we got to the super awesome part: SWISS-CHOCOLATE MAKING!!!!! We wore super cute red chef hats and chose either dark or milk chocolate ( I chose milk ) and stirred our chocolate as we learned about HOW chocolate is made. Fun facts: WHITE CHOCOLATE is not actually chocolate at all because they do not use the cacao bean in it, they only call it white chocolate because it sounds appealing! Dark chocolate is chocolate without milk and milk chocolate is well clearly, chocolate with milk. The reason Switzerland is known for their chocolate is because while everybody was busy fighting wars, Switzerland was busy being neutral and had tons of extra time to make AWESOME chocolate AND build a secret fortress inside the mountain of a waterfall where they keep tons of helicopters and crazy shit in case some Russians or somebody want to surprise attack them. The Swiss are some sneaky ass peeps. We all made three chocolate bars and I did one with a floral print thingy on it, one that says “Roll Wave” because SCHOOL SPIRIT and one that says, “Fuck a Diet” because what else do you say when you’re eating a giant bar of milk chocolate? We went back to the hotel that night and I got extremely sugar high and hung with everyone in our lobby for hours just having fun, because when you are staying in the world capital of extreme sports there aren’t many things to do at night when you can no longer bunjee jump or parasail aka try to kill yourself. But we sure had more fun the next day!

11202558_10204497665270351_9055012588460292167_n 11698670_10204498808018919_3456368594175553661_n 11208647_10204498807098896_1409959668334411604_n 11694875_10204497666230375_5939636991937419988_n 11709485_10204497666070371_3239341541467652676_n 11707499_10204497664390329_1579260645555847673_n 11745687_10204498807658910_1280542953992942051_n 11667523_10204498806658885_926344886568469534_n 11743006_10204497666710387_5727181106511367300_n 11215523_10204497664670336_3229577461949097506_n

IMG_3259 IMG_3250


IMG_3242 IMG_3237 IMG_3233 IMG_3256 IMG_3260 IMG_3266 IMG_3236 IMG_3278


IMG_3264 IMG_3234



i look like a little starfishIMG_3270

various captions that could accommodate this photo. for example:

“slide into yo DM’s like:”

“when ya girl/boy says she/he home alone”

“when you remember yo mom just made a trip to Trader Joes and she loaded up the pantry”

“when yo friend says there’s a party in Chatsworth” (just kidding because nobody will drive there even for a party)

“when yo friend says there will be karaoke”

“when you got a wedgie but you still pretending you comfy”

“when the Miralax kicks in” ( #sorelatable to this trip) (this is a laxative btw)


10414860_10204498874180573_7747038586523720924_n 11048646_10204498809138947_3608708908952748635_n 11694781_10204510935562100_3789258493985750707_n 11738048_10204498812459030_825518866842057829_n 11745509_10204498811018994_1742487107146295725_n

something in your mouth, Tay?11698743_10204498808258925_7206306236976188610_n 11705194_10204498811979018_256302209882397021_n

Natalia and Serena




me and Taylor’s chocolate!11659302_10204498813499056_6495238971245602285_n


11705255_10204523339912201_4942727302690589484_n 11737903_10204523340072205_6515641676471653934_n

Carolena, Neil and I being cute in the hotel lobby

Our last full day in Switzerland we white-water rafted! I have ALSO done this one before, but like the last activity it was much more INTENSE here! Or should i say EXTREME. The guy basically told us that if we didn’t follow his paddling instructions we would fall out, and it is super shallow, so if we straightened our legs we could hit rocks and most likely break them. This OBVIOUSLY did not scared the shit out of us. So four of us unexperienced 18 year-olds struggled to paddle in rhythm and time together as the guy screamed FORWARD and HARDER and TO THE LEFT and TO THE RIGHT in which the right side had to dive and hold the legs of those sitting on the left and vice versa. The scariest part was when he yelled GET DOWN GET DOWN and we literally had to glue our butts to the bottom of the raft and hold on and pray to God that we wouldn’t die. in THIS activity i DID break a nail. Afterwards we showered (very necessary) and relaxed. I later bought a swiss army knife for my younger brother with his name, Will engraved on it. I thought it was such a smart, awesome gift until I found out that he already had one when I got home. But honestly I am still proud of myself for being such a gracious sister, so yolo you can never have enough swiss army knives. We ate DELICIOUS Thai food for dinner and I realized that I have lived a life unexposed to so many different kinds of food like Thai and Vietnamese and Indian (which I had my first full meal of in London) and Brazilian and so many others! What kind of LA girl am I? We all hung out in the lobby of the hotel and enjoyed drinks together and I even sang by the piano in our lobby with two random dudes spontaneously! Don’t you just love Europe? After Sangria and swinging ropes and SO much swiss chocolate, I am still not ready to say goodbye to this magical place, but schnitzels and sausage await me in Munich! So long to the Swiss!


~ xoxo Ali ~

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