Germany and Amsterdam and prostitutes, oh my!


I am not going to do a detailed blog post on these two as I did for the others, but I WILL share my photos and include brief descriptions of certain experiences.


11750687_10204508575703105_2051472074274071822_nIMG_3302IMG_331311755204_10204508577343146_6301948864507145467_n11707658_10204508578423173_5889168968496598830_n 11737987_10204508575943111_908762734366739078_n

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Day Two:

we went to the Beer Gardens, AGAIN :)


too lazy to rotate this picture but it fits the way we were all feeling at this point (after our Beers) anyways :)


with the random guys we met at a table in the Gardens who wanted to know if college in America is like what it looks like on a tv show called “Blue Mountain State” which basically defines college as beers, boobs and partying.


^ The face you make when you’re on your second mug and you realize how many calories are in it



group #selfie in the coffee shop after a lovely purchase! :)

The two pictures below are from Austria, where we visited the park in which they filmed part of, “The Sound of Music”. We also found a Zara in Austria (amazing how we can seem to get lost everywhere yet always find our way to a Zara) and ate as usual. We had DELICIOUS drinks with two scoops of ice-cream, coffee poured on top, whipped cream and Bailey’s on the side (which we all obviously drizzled on top). #delish



11049606_10204510927281893_5286665671820631575_n 11755165_10204510926641877_2419322590601561794_n11694896_10204510927521899_2404124590339126062_n

The only thing more dangerous than the drug trafficking in Amsterdam is getting hit by a bike rider because there honestly might be more of those than there is of weed.

Lots of crazy stuff happened in Germany and Amsterdam. We went to the Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank House, had pancakes (aka crepes in Amsterdam because they AREN’t what we consider pancakes and I was v disappointed when I found that out). We went to a sex show and saw weird acts including bananas and Matt Steinmen (a guy on our trip who volunteered for the act and let me tell you it was hilarious) and walked around the Red Light District. The beer gardens in Munich were awesome and people are great. yay, go europe!

~ xoxo Ali ~

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