just a lil’ college update on September 14th, 2015

Monday September 14, 2015



It’s Monday September 14, 2015 and I am a wreck.


I totally totally totally DON’T wanna go to my class right now and hear some dumb ass dead Germans singing polyphonic tunes n shit. I wanna be sleeping in my beautiful, haven’t been-washed-in-a-month sheets in my yummy twin bed PLEASE.

I also want to eat all of the snacks in my snack drawer such as the microwavable mac n cheeses and the chocolate covered pomegranate seeds and the frosted flakes and potato soup and ramen. But I can’t because my lululemons are very tight, which means that the couple days I’ve spent on the elliptical at the gym just watching The Office on my phone have not made up for my food-binging habits.

I am currently making a really bad movie/video about my life as a freshman and currently it’s just a bunch of different footage clips of my feet walking to the song, “Walking on a Dream” and I couldn’t be more embarrassed.


So I’m back from my “Art of Listening” class where I am greeted three times a week by my ridiculously sweaty professor and am forced to listen to weird Gregorian chants over and over again as the air condition blasts and I sit and drink my caffeine. It’s actually pretty enjoyable even though that sounds horrible but I get frickin’ 3 credits for sitting in a 50 minute class 3 times a week listening to music and not getting homework. Plus it fulfills two gen ed requirements and he doesn’t take attendance. This means #swag

Currently I’m sitting on my bed drinking manaschevitz I stole from the Hillel last night at Rosh Hashanah dinner from my vintage butterfly mug. Me and Maddie’s friend Chris is here (he came to give Maddie cold medicine because he is the best and always gives us gifts like the time he bought us two bottles of white wine because he knew I was upset about not making it into a cappella). He is basically fairy godfather.

I have trouble focusing on one single project at a time. For example, I’m two minutes into the movie/film I’ve started about freshman year of college and it’s so ridiculously stupid and shitty because what else can you do with IMOVIE, I’ve started this blog, and I’ve finished ¾ of two songs on my guitar.

Help meeeeeeee.

I got called back to all three a cappella groups (which is pretty rare and I felt so awesome because each group only called back like 6-10 girls) but then I got rejected from all three and was devastated (that’s an exaggeration but still) and then I applied to the school radio station and then I got rejected from that, so I felt pretty #cool.

At least there’s this cool club called Hers, Theirs and Ours (a new name for Tulane’s Vagina Monologues Club) and I submitted writing for the show and they really liked it, so I definitely will be getting involved in writing and performing for that show.

AND AUDITIONS FOR ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW ARE AT THE END OF THIS MONTH. You know ya gurl will be trying out for dat with some funky high boots on and red lipstick OW OW.




I can.t get. off. tinder. for. the. life. of. me.

my thumb won’t stop swiping and it’s just so much fun and I spend so many nights on tinder god help me. I’ve got a lot of matches though so at least if the fat mirror that me and Maddie have in our room doesn’t make me feel too HAWT, when I match with football players Dedrick and Lazedrick on Tinder I really feel FIRE.

This is my first college blog post: it is kinda late considering I’ve been in school for three weeks already but I can’t even explain how busy this college life is.

From concerts to slip n slide parties to gay parades to sushi outings in the city to movie nights to frat parties and dancing at the boot to classes and reading textbooks in the LBC and lots and lots of club meetings and short workout seshes at Reily and tanning by the pool and taking naps and decorating my room and exploring nola and making friends and doing laundry and just being #college

That’s all for now folks, I don’t want to overwhelm you (as I talk to about 12 people who will read this, just kidding that’s probably too eager of an estimate) All I gotta say is my dorm room door has a picture of Zac Efron on it and a picture of all the Sex & The City Gals and Maddie is currently microwaving Kraft’s Mac n Cheese. so, liv luv tulane, enjoy life.


after too much Manashewitz ^














Maddie asleep in her little beady as the thunder and lightning raged on


Me n’ my friend Ruby


Me and my friend Juliette!


Ma gurl Veronica


My ENGAGE Nola gals Marah and Sarah


Me and Maddie on the 10th Anniversary of Katrina volunteering with Tulane :)



Two of the canvases I painted for the Boys and Girls Club in the city!IMG_4804

DA PLACE TO BE: #1 college bar in the nation


the BEST motto to go to sleep and wake up to every morning



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