College Update #3: Tardy Teachers and Campus Crimes


It is the 25th of October and it’s been exactly a month since my last college update and since it’s rainy and cloudy outside I thought it be the perfect excuse to not go to the gym and to write about myself instead. It’s so great because it’s like I get to talk about myself to myself and then people can read about me, everything somebody who loves being the center of attention could ever want.

I am very proud of myself because I have been doing very well in all my classes. Except for that one science class I’m taking that I totally bombed the first test of, but otherwise ya gurl be getting A’s galore #swag. A for Ali, A for Angel, A for my intellectual worth oh yeahya. I always liked how in high school you had so many assignments and tests and such so that if you did poorly once you’d have a lot of cushion to your grade, but with barely any homework and work in general I’ve realized I did not know what da heck I was talking about. COLLEGE IS GREAT. I enjoy what I am studying (for the most part) and I seem to be able to understand everything quite quickly. So, when I read and study before my tests, show up to class and get the teachers to like me because I subconsciously nod and make eye contact with them so they probably feel like at least somebody is listening, I ACTUALLY do well in school. Gbless.

Some other news would be that I’ve been doing lots of fun activities and making friends and having a grand ole time. I love my school so much and I am so happy to say that I can’t relate to the universal trend that freshman year first semester sucks for everyone, because mine is so frickin’ awesome. During fall break while Maddie and a lot of my friends went home I stayed and explored NOLA. I volunteered at the New Orleans Film Festival with my friend Veronica and we served people wine and made Facebook friends with the actors in the movies and just felt pretty cool gettin’ in the know PLUS I got a free t-shirt. I even saw my Visual Communication professor at one of the parties and she told me I’m her A+ student. So SWAG on meee.

I also went to the Blues and BBQ Festival with my friends and then a Mac DeMarco Concert where I touched his butt when he crowd surfed. I also threw my mardi grad beads at him and they hit his face and then he put them around his neck. So awesome, so fun, such a good time.

NOLA is home of the best food eva. Juan’s Flying Burrito has a queso to DIE for, St. James Wine and Cheese company has the most heavenly sandwiches and cheese plates you could ask for in America and Tulane’s very own Bruff Dining has the most DIVINE omelets that me and Maddie devour every Sunday at 11am with Tony’s Special Creole Spice drenched over it and a side of country potatoes and Cholula to give it that extra UUMPH. I’ve been trying to stay somewhat fit by attending Zumba (kinda) weekly as well as experimenting with other exercise classes offered. I tried a class called, “WERQ” which sounds like it would be a great class twerking and getting’ down with yo bad self, but it was just (sorry to be politically incorrect but I don’t actually care) a really bad white girl teacher trying to have us do awkward ghetto movements that included playing air guitar and doing a weird jazz square hand-clap. Honestly it couldn’t have been worse. I left halfway through the class and I fear ever seeing that woman’s face again.

Also very thankful for the warm weather because I quite enjoy tanning by the pool outside of the gym and on all of the grass quads by the dorms listening to my country music and just relaxin’ while my friends in the Midwest have already hit the 40 degrees numbers.

We have lots of cute cats around campus that Maddie and me go on walks to search for and pet. The most infamous is Cow Cat, who is spotted black and white and lets you pick him/her (unsure) up.

New Orleans is a very high-crime rate city and it kind of weaves into our campus, inevitably. There was a dude in one of our food market areas who held two kids at gunpoint at a table and made them withdraw money from their bank and then got away!!!! BUT LUCKILY our police department caught the guy and everything is dandy. But you know ya gurl carries around her hot pink pepper spray in case somebody tryna pull dat shit on me. I got eyes in the back of my head for dat stuff.

College is full of themed parties. We have been to everything from USAE, where we all went to a big venue where a brass band was playing Nirvana and it was super cool to CEO’s and Office Hoes and St. Fratty’s Day where some dude was literally playing the accordion and even Sinners and Saints and a Bayou-themed party (only in Louisiana at Tulane would they throw a BAYOU themed party). Honestly, frat parties are a hit or miss. If you go too late it’s probably shutting down or not letting anybody else in, but if you get there at the right time then it can be very fun. My personal favorite nights are when we go to the Boot and the Palms and they are playing awesome music or when we do or pre-game dancing nights in one of our friends dorm rooms and we play our favorite tunes and just get DOWN.

It is now 12:39pm on October 26th and I’m back from my Art of Listening class. My teacher is actually a dipshit. He has not ONCE arrived to class on time, so arriving ten minutes late for me means that I am technically on time yet because chances are, more like reality is that he hasn’t arrived yet either. Honestly it’s ridiculous. He has made up excuses for his tardiness ranging from, “I got stuck waiting for the train to pass” to “I found out my cornea is severely scratched so I am having difficulty seeing correctly on the road” (which is probably quite dangerous to the drivers of New Orleans) to “I was on my way to my car when my shirt got caught on a tree branch and it tore the material, so I had to go back inside and change”. Literally what kind of teacher would tell their class that they were late because a tree branch ripped their shirt?? That’s just embarrassing.

1:45 am October 28th

I am siting in my common room after having just finished studying for a test I have tomorrow and watching, Midnight in Paris. I am very excited for this weekend, as it’s HALLOWEEN weekend, which means MUCH more in New Orleans than it ever did in Los Angeles. I’ve got an exciting weekend of costumes, craziness on Frenchmen street where all the crazy locals will be adorned in the most LAVISH of costume attire whilst dancing away as well as excitement at Voodoo Music Fest!!! I cannot wait! As for now, I think this well enough writing for blog post and the adventures I failed to explain in this blog post were either left out purposefully, or my poor memory has left them for another time to be remembered. After all, I can’t exploit my ENTIRE life to the media! Peace n luv readers and ciao for now


decorations have been added to this first cabinet since this picture has been taken (lots of polaroids!!)12087173_10205102438749310_479128106619343717_o 1509183_10205102438349300_3245836496774209544_n

10534413_10205102440669358_3464880174686614831_n 12063587_10205102439829337_1590204640171124669_n


On this lovely day some of my friends and I went to The Fly (an outdoor area by the Missisippi River where people picnic, tan, relax, listen to music and watch the sunset) with our array of french cheeses, crackers, breads, jams and wines that we purchased from Whole Foods. We indulged in these while listening to music and watching the gorgeous sun set. It reminded me of the Parisians who picnic by the Seine and sip wine and chat with their friends! So chic, ugh






Me and Haley before USAE (obviously a USA themed party by SAE)


Delicious croissant breakfast sandwich from Satsuma, a staple restaurant on Maple Street that is less than a mile away from campus.

12109083_10205102461229872_1497523869335633402_n 10552428_10205102462629907_3221798410894094684_n 12112329_10205102436149245_299603733800994423_n 12096484_10205102464469953_6448852202781564318_n

so many houses around here have little free libraries like this where you can borrow books!

12141784_10205102523071418_6293675837249297413_n 12107204_10205102465949990_4399968567180043952_n 12144725_10205102466590006_8936324147177761753_n


Since I’ve got very free Friday’s and so does Emily, we decided to take the street car (conveniently located directly in front of Tulane’s campus) all the way down to the French Quarter where we strolled around, ate a delicious meal (I had sweet potato beignets and a pork belly sandwich) and casually stopped by a tattoo parker where Emily got a tattoo. No big deal :)


new favorite vintage shop: Blue Dream right near Frenchmen street!!!


playin’ with fisheye lens

12108149_10205102523591431_8939839675562150184_n 12096577_10205102464909964_183100607419260154_n


11074511_10205102529591581_5972454861958838623_n 12115561_10205102532031642_38530078734832391_n



I so festively decorated our door :) Thanks mom for the supplies!11254572_10205102534951715_8988382489641750630_n  12144861_10205102535431727_3867493966121476860_n

Mac DeMarco at the Civic Theatre



Bruff dining can actually be fantabulous12000921_10204999140286913_3756695100048044191_o

CEO themed


Maddie n’ cow cat

12006711_10204999139966905_6747015246744522514_o11225103_10204999140566920_5706423921454648977_o 12038933_10204999138726874_2289984254170326218_o

DAT DOG: best hot dogs in the US for SURE12052389_10204999141006931_7023050002848982387_o

what our room looks like on Sundays

~ xoxo Ali ~

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