Last Minute QUICK, EASY & CHEAP Halloween Costumes for Guys n’ Gals

~sexy halloween look~images.pngScreen Shot 2016-08-12 at 11.55.49 PM.png











Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 12.29.51 AM

I made this collage with shitty pixelized photos… who am i. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

I’m kind of a costume queen/snob as my fellow Chaminade alumni know (I rocked my outfits for Spirit weeks and Halloween), so I thought I should share some ideas that come to mind for clever, easy and mostly free costumes (I can’t say they are all appropriate, sorry mom).

I came up with them all by myself except for Tinderella and Pink Floyd (s/o Pinterest). I feel like the Sugar Daddy one has probably been done before, but except for the two stated above, I thought of these all on my own-enjoy!

Barney Sanders

Unknown-10 images-11

  1. Dress up in a green t-shirt and purple pants or leggings (or reverse)
  2. If you are swaggy as hell dress up in an actual Barney outfit
  3. Get a stick or something and tape a piece of paper on to it that says something like, “Sanders 2016” or print out his campaign logo and put it on the paper
    1. Take it a step further
    2. Steal your grandpa’s glasses and get a grey/white wig and cut off the front half (or just wear a bald cap and take random white fluff and glue it on to the back of the cap)


-wear a name-tag that says Barney Sanders

-make another stick with a paper on it (or just this one) that says something funny like, “I love you, you love me, let’s all build a socialist economy”

^pure genius

Donald Trump (sort of)


  1. Buy the ugliest, most unnatural-looking toupee you can find
  2. Get a shirt and write on it, “My costume TRUMPS yours, you’re fired.”


The Plastics

Unknown-12 images-12

  1. Get like three of your girl friends (it doesn’t matter if they are your fake friends or not because you guys are fake as it is, hence the title)
  2. Get a bunch of empty bottles and different plastic items and tape them all over your body
  3. You guys are now The Plastics (more clever than your typical Mean Girls group costume eh?)

Teenage Wasteland (Baba O’ Riley – The Who reference OBVI) (this one requires more effort than the others)

de4a15c3463ac8b1c6b35fcce2df2d59 Unknown-1

  1. Get a plain shirt
  2. Get some barbies or polly pockets or some sort of people-doll toy
  3. Print our pieces of paper that have the Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tinder logos
  4. Print words out like yolo, trap house, yack, turnup, basic, lit af etc
  5. Print out pictures of people like Justin Bieber, Miley, Kylie and Kendall etc
  6. Print out pictures of words like Coachella or Raves or popular things that teens like (idk because I am not cool and hip so don’t ask me)
  7. Don’t print out any of these things too big
  8. Tape/hot glue gun it all on to your shirt so it’s like a messy collage but you can still see what it all says/refers to
  9. You are now a teenage wasteland

Rolling Stones

images-9 Unknown-9

  1. Get a shirt and a bunch of small stones and tape them on to your shirt
  2. Put pants on and shoes, unless you like to go bottomless
  3. Take molly
  4. If you don’t drugs like that (aka me hopefully you too), just roll around at the party
  5. You are now a/the rolling stone(s)


Pink Floyd

Unknown-8 images-8

  1. Wear a pink shirt
  2. Get a nametag or make one
  3. Write FLOYD on it
  4. You are now Pink Floyd #swaggie

Legally Blonde

Unknown-1 images-8

  1. Get a shirt or something
  2. Print out or write on the shirt saying, “I’m legal!”
  3. Get a blonde wig (you can skip this step if you are a blonde, btw)
  4. Now, you are legally blonde
  5. (you could dress in all pink to make it more “Elle Woods-like”


Unknown-6 Unknown-7

  1. Put on a white t-shirt
  2. Get red paper or felt fabric and cut it in the shape of a fire
  3. Tape/sew/hot glue it on your shirt
  4. You are now Tinder
  5. Take it a step further
    1. Put a tiara on your head
    2. Optional: put a tutu on
    3. You are now Tinderella


images-5 images-6

  1. Get two plastic honey containers
  2. Tape one on each of your buttcheecks (which means you’ll need more honey containers if you have more than one buttcheeck
  3. You are now honey buns

Greek Yogurt


  1. Print a picture of chobani or another Greek yogurt out and put it on your shirt
  2. Wear a white rob or long white clothing (college style: take your white bed sheet and wear it as a toga)
  3. Get a little green or golden wreath vector (the little leaf thing to put around your head)


Unknown-5 images-7

  1. Take a pack of m&m’s on to a whirt or just print out a picture of one and tape it on to your shirt
  2. Wear some baggy ass jeans and a leather jacket or black zip up with your hood up or a beanie
  3. Now you da real slim shady plus a trip to da candy shop

Snow White (this one is pretty stupid but I just thought it was kinda clever)

Unknown-4 Unknown-3

  1. Dress in all white
  2. If you play the guitar, walk around the party all night playing, “Snow” by the Red Hot chili peppers (or just from your phone speaker if you lame a lame-ass non-musician)
  3. You are now Snow White
  4. If you are not a guitarist, write a good bit of the lyrics on a white shirt legibly.
  5. You are now Snow White also, except not as cool as the guitar Snow White. But you are not Snow White if nobody can read your hand writing

Hot Mama


  1. get a shirt with a jalapeno on it or a chili pepper
  2. get a baby doll, or your real live baby and carry it around all day
  3. you are now a hot mama

Sugar Daddy

images images-2

  1. Wear a shirt that says, Sugar on it or tape a bunch of sugar packs to your shirt
  2. Carry around your real or fake kids/baby
  3. You are now a sugar daddy
  4. Or you could just carry around a box of sugar daddy’s and eat them



  1. Get a book
  2. Print a picture of your face out
  3. Tape it on the book
  4. Carry the book around or get duct tape and tape it to your shirt
  5. You are now facebook


Unknown-2 fbz_1befcae3ac4af2c3c12c223664f1da3b

  1. get a t-shirt with a picture of a sun on it or print a picture of a sun out and tape it to your shirt
  2. underneath that, write a good-ass diss on your shirt
  3. you are now a sun-BURNNNN

David (Bow)ie


  1. get face paint (or red lipstick and blue eyeshadow and primer) and make the classic Bowie lightning bolt across your face
  2. put a bunch of bows in your hair and on your shirt and such (you can think of this yourself)
  3. now you are David (Bow)ie

80’s Girl Band Power:

The Gogo’s, The Bangels, The Cranberries, Salt N’ Peppa, Pointer Sisters

If you’ve got a really big group  or even if you just want to choose one of these bands, it’s totally easy:

this would be ideal for 6,8 or 10 people (2 people each cold represent one of the bands^)


Unknown images-1

  1. Get a friend
  2. get a shirt (and one for your friend)
  3. on each shirt write, “go”
  4. you are now the “go-go’s” (obvi you could dress it up with 80’s accessories and high ponies

The Bangels:

Unknown-1 images

  1. just wear a shit ton of bangles
  2. and maybe some sort of 80’s attire and neon

The Cranberries:

images Unknown-4

  1. literally just get a box of Sun-Maid Cranberries or print out a picture of cranberries and put it on your shirt
  2. obviously you have to have at least another person for this otherwise you’d just be, “The Cranberry”
  3. and nobody wants to just be, “The Cranberry”

Salt N’ Peppa:

Unknown-1 Unknown-2

(tbh who even is the third girl)

  1. if you can’t figure out how to dress up as salt and pepper on your own I honestly don’t know what to say

Pointer Sisters

Unknown Unknown-1

  1. print out pointer arrows or hands pointing and put them on your shirts
  2. now you are THE POINTER SISTERS

Dead Prom Queen (clearly not an original idea of mine, but definitely could be easy)


  1. Do you have a formal dress you hate?
  2. Put it on
  3. Splatter it in fake blood and rip and tear at it
  4. Get a sash/ make one that says Prom Queen
  5. Wear a tiara
  6. Now you are a dead prom queen with extra space in your closet

~ xoxo Ali ~

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