College Update #4: Halloweekend and Holy Avocados



2:17 pm November 29, 2015

I am sitting in my plush, queen-sized bed in Tarzana but I’m missing my dirty, paint-stained twin-size one that I’ve called home for 4 months.

Luckily, I leave for the airport to return to my small palace in about an hour. I’m bringing back cute little candy canes for my floor-mates and a Christmas reef for me and Maddie’s door and sparkly snowflakes to hang up and Christmas lights galore. Sorry I did not buy a menorah or dreidel at the 99-cent store but Maddie’s dad shipped us an electronic Menorah #swag


Tulane or JEWlane has also been getting into the spirit; they have set up a giant menorah displayed right outside the LBC which gets lit up each day by the peeps from the Chabad. Here my friend Ariana poses with it.

Although I am excited to walk to Bruff on Sunday mornings with Maddie in our rain boots and Tulane bookstore boxers to slather Cholula on our omelets and then go binge-watch Netflix in our room as usual, I am stressed because I have SO MUCH WORK AND STUDYING TO DO FOR FINALS.

College work comes in little phases, so I’ll be chillin’ for a good two weeks and then BAM I’ve got two tests a quiz and a paper all due the next week. But really, it ain’t dat bad.


November 29th (still)

My computer says 9:30pm but I’m in the middle of the stratosphere and idk what state I’m on top of???


just sum photos of my dorm ^

I just finished an essay due Tuesday so I feel very accomplished. I can’t wait to step back into my humid little home and get escorted back to Tulane by my homeboi Maurice. Maurice is my personal driver who has been a day 1 homie since before I started school. I always know I’m back in da Big Easy when I see big ol’ Maurice chillin’ on the sidewalk with his gold chain-smokin a cig waiting for me to come out of the airport.


my n’ Syd!


St James Cheese Company ^ literally best place ever

Lately the frat parties have been ON POINT with their themes. One awesome Saturday two frats had themed parties: one was Christmas and Cowboys which consisted of a house filled to the brim with packing peanuts supposed to resemble snow and some of my gals enjoyed that little get-together in Santa and cowgirl ensembles. Maddie and I opted for the paint party with our homebois Chris and Tyler. I wore my white Adidas, a denim skirt, white shirt and my denim jacket all of which now look like a 3 year old used them as their painting canvas. But to be honest I don’t mind because my belongings now look like they came straight outta the 80’s and I can rock them while listening to David Bowie on the way to class. Also I have washed my sheets and the “washable” paint is yet to come out of them so everybody probably thinks I’m that gross girl who doesn’t wash her sheets but honestly guys I do it’s just this paint is CLEARLY not washable.







Also Halloween happened a couple weeks ago. I went to Voodoo Music and Arts Festival, that weekend, an annual music festival that very much reminded me of Coachella (probably because it’s a 3-day weekend experience and I saw Florence and the Machine just like I did at Coachella one year.) Unfortunately it was rainy af and Sunday of Voodoo Fest was canceled and I could not see the two artists I was most excited to see: Slightly Stoopid and Zac Brown Band. Everyone was very, very disappointed. I also did not make it down to the French Quarter to trot around in my costume with all the night freaks because I couldn’t find a good time or people willing to go down their with the excessive rain. But there’s always next year!

On the bright side I had one of the best weekends so far and partied at The Boot and The Palms (as per usual) and had a fab time at some frat parties. Kappa Sig played a bunch of 70’s tunes the night I was dressed as a lil’ hippie so you know ya gurl was getting’ down on a table for quite some time.




Day One:




Day Two:





Day Three:




I successfully managed to compose four Halloween outfits ranging from a bat (yes a bat not a cat and it was actually very creative), an Oktoberfest girl with Maddie, a 60-70’s decade inspired hippie look, and an awesome cabaret/jazz dancer outfit that I didn’t have the opportunity to wear. It’s aight though because I can wear it next year.

I wrote an article for The Hullabaloo, which is Tulane’s school newspaper! So yay I am actually finding things to do with my time other than watch The Office. But let’s be honest I will always make time to watch my fave couple Pam and Jim.


V disappointed in our government rn ^^^^^

College is actually like a big, large inappropriate summer camp that never ends and asks you to write and read things occasionally but most of the time influences you to go out and do things that force you to wake up the next morning and just say #yolo. Honestly no regrets you guys just adopt my motto, “Liv luv Tulane” and you will actually enjoy everything good and bad that happens to you and learn to flick things off yo shoulder. However I will never not get angry when idiots in Sharp Hall (where I live) literally take the elevator up to floor 2 and you want to grab the City Diner take-out from their greasy-ass hands and throw their Love Me Chicken Tenders in their face. Actually though it’s okay to get mad about that because it’s ridiculous, like you can’t walk your noodley, weak-ass legs up two flights of stairs?


Me n’ Hannah (hilarious frickin’ gal of Sharp 7 the best floor ever)


Me n’ my boo V (Veronica) who is rooming with me together next year!!! We are gonna hopefully live in a suite with Maddie and Emily and other fun gals and it shall be a blast

My plant has gone unwatered for about ten days but I think he/she will be aight. Maddie is already back in our chateau and apparently a group of flies is swarming around her trashcan because we left bananas to rot in there. Absolutely disgusting.

Speaking of fruit Maddie found an avocado at a frat party. It was rave themed and she kneels down on the ground and plops back up with this godly fruit in her palms and we prayed to the Tulane Gods. For the next 3 days our holy, messiah of an avocado sat on a shrine (a shot glass) until it was nice and ripe. At that point in time we brought our holy avocado to Bruff and made Mexican salads and guacamole and drenched it all in Cholula. It’s the little things.

Sunday December 13th 11:42pm

I am on a plane again but instead of heading back to my lovely dorm I have been forced beyond my will to leave it. My plant is 100% going to die because it will not be cared for for three weeks so #rip sorry bud. I mean obvi I am excited for the valley and its amazing sushi and to see my family and friends but I just can’t imagine not being at school for the next three weeks.

Finals week is cray cray. I basically lived in the LBC and sat in the plush, green chairs studying with my frands Jack and Ruby and Ariana and peeps and binge drank coffee while cramming. I think they all went better than I had anticipated, so ya gurl is chillin’.


Maddie and Veronica exemplify  what ACTUALLY gets done during finals week. Basically we study for five minutes and then exploit ourselves on Photo Booth.

Other than the fact that I feel like a good, responsible college student for studying for my exams, I am still the biggest dipshit I know. I manage to mess up small details about huge events that a typical normal person would never do. For example, who would think the SAT starts an hour and a half later than it actually does and drive to Calabasas High School to find out it’s too late to take it? Only me but of course. Who would go two weeks thinking her flight was at 9pm today when it actually, just as it says in my calendar and in the emails and on my phone, was at 9am in the morning? Only me as I wake up an hour after the plane has taken off. Prime example of how successful I am at being independent!!!

It is crazy and frightening to think that one semester of college has already flown by. It has probably been the best past 4 (5??) months of my life and it frightens me to think that it went by so quickly and I’ve only got 7 more left (but honestly that’s kinda a lot).IMG_0488.JPG

It was my birthday the Sunday before finals week (extremely poor timing) but I still had a grand ol’ time and dined at some yummy places like Boucherie where Maddie, Sydney and Veronica and I ate delicious brisket and Krispy Kreme pudding deserts and garlic, parmesan fries Saturday night. We went to a lil Christmas themed party afterwards and I made them play Christmas music so I turned nineteen to the sound of Mariah Carey riffing. Also you know ya gurl hit up St. James Cheese Factory the day OF my birthday for a fancy lil brunch as well as ending the night dining at our classic go-to (brining my gal Emily along to try it) Juan’s Flying Burrito. That queso is our reason for living and also our reason for being in desperate need of attending Abs, Buns and Thighs with Joe at the gym weekly.

Speaking of, Maddie and I went to an ABT (Abs, Buns and Thighs) class the other day and Joe the instructor, in his tight black thigh length spandex shorts and shiny bald, dark head sassily yelled at people that they would be kicked out if their phones rang. He pushed us and we squatted to Ariana Grande and honestly I couldn’t go the next 4 days without aiding myself to kneel down to sit on the toilet because there is only so much booty bouncing you can do to the “give it to me I’m worth it” song until you just can’t go any more.





just me n’ mads being adorable




Haley and I!



Veronica and I!


Syd and I !






Emily and I !


Lindsey and I !

I don’t want to overwhelm my blog readers (honestly who is even reading this) with too much information but I just drank way too much caffeine for this flight and I can’t stop won’t stop.





I went to the Fly yesterday with a group of guys n gals (a gorgeous, grassy spot people picnic at right along the Mississippi River) and we wined and chatted in a big circle and I played my guitar the whole time and it was so fun.

I went to a Kappa Sig Date Party and it was fun and I was handcuffed to my date and we danced to Christmas songs and I enjoyed myself.


Also parent’s weekend happened recently so everyone’s families came to visit and it was super fun getting to see how similar everyone is to their parents. I took my brother out to the Boot and I showed him exactly why everyone loves Tulane so much.




That is all for now peace and luv to my followers remember liv luv Tulane no regrets follow your heart



having to say goodbye to this girl ^ today was extremely sad because idk what we will  do without each other’s company to sing in our Britney Spears voice and create weird funky dances that would freak other people out. But that’s why I can’t wait for a whole other semester to be crazy with her!!!!!


~ Xoxo Ali ~

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