solo in Silver Lake

The other day I found myself with restless energy and a desire to explore roads unknown to me in Los Angeles, yet I could not find anybody to accompany me on the excursion. So, I decided I needed to abandon my fear of doing things alone.

This fear, this hesitancy about eating lunch with myself or walking the streets solo is a burden on my adventurous spirit and eats away at the boundless opportunities and time I’m given each day to truly do what I want. During too many occasions at Tulane I’ve wanted to go explore and scavenge the city but have prevented myself from doing so solely because I could not find another person to join me. So what the heck!!! After my short fun in Silver Lake, finding I could take as much time as I pleased peroozing around and lingering in shops and on streets and talking to people, I’ve realized going about things alone can often be the most advantageous for ya. It’s always fun to share experiences with people, but if you’ve got a burning desire to go to your favorite thrift store or grab a coffee and a book and take the street car (talkin’ about in NOLA here) and you can’t find a gal or guy to go with, then DON’T spare yourself the opportunity- go out and enjoy!!! When you’re forced to do things alone it makes you a more observant human and a better listener. Sometimes we forget to pay attention to others and our environment when we are with a friend or glued to our phone, but being alone strips you of that common comfort and makes you vulnerable and susceptible to interacting with your external environment- wow! A pet peeve of mine is walking into my dorm’s elevator, or when another person walks in and they stare at their phone screen for the duration of the ride. Excuse me, you couldn’t take even a split second to acknowledge the existence of another human being within 3 feet of your presence?? What if I was holding two slices of Boot pizza and you had looked up and noticed and said it looks delectable  I decided to give you one of those slices because I didn’t need two? (obviously this would never happen because who wouldn’t eat the second slice but I’m just sayin’!!) So look up from your phones in elevators and go eat lunch with yourself!

Apparently the HIP place to get coffee in Silverlake, but the line was too long for moi


Jewelry from Reform School in Silverlake- my favorite shop of the day where I purchased a supah cute tunic-like top from Mexico

In this adorable record shop called Vacation; the guy who rang me up for my two purchases (an old Duke Ellington vinyl and an old Miles Davis vinyl) asked me to write down the name of my blog so he could look it up- what a nice dude!!!


I met up with my best friend Serena on Abbot Kinney and met her boyf Austin (they both go to Indiana University); they were on their last day of spring break after finishing a road trip that included going to Austin, Texas of which I am very jealous. Here they are featured candidly scouring tha records

~xoxo Ali~

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