Livin’ the SUITE life

Posting this much later than I wrote it!!

Another year yet here I find myself again procrastinating in a common room at 10:43 pm, studying for a test I just found out I have tomorrow, craving goldfish and writin’ a blog post.

Livin’ in a suite with six other girls, the occasional cockroach and consistent leftover daquiris in my freezer is honestly not too shabby. I’ve got three succulents who rest on my inner window sill lookin’ cute af and my roommate Emma brought her record player and you know we be groovin’ to that fine vinyl all da time. Candles don’t set off the fire alarm so our suite smells like walkin’ into a Bath & Body Works store during a fall holiday collection sale and we’ve got Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda posed in black and white above our toilets (Sex & The City, obviously)


My favorite parts about living in a suite are

  1. getting to have six roommates, thus six times the fun
    1. It can be hard to get work done when one room’s having a wine night and another’s pre-gaming for happy hour and I’m trying to memorize some lame ass French phonetics, but hey I’m never gonna live in this old shithole again with six crazy girls all brushing their teeth naked in the bathroom dancing to Broadway tunes and Afroman n’ making mango smoothies and having late night singing sessions on the balcony trying to harmonize classics from Michael Jackson, so I might as well enjoy it!!
  2. having a balcony that stretches across and borders the entire building
    1. not ever having a class earlier than 12:30pm means I’m obviously going to start every morning sitting outside in my camping chair labeled “Golf Dad” sipping on my decently flavored Keurig coffee, maybe strummin’ a tune or two on my guitar or listenin’ to somethin’ good and smirking at everyone who is walking to their early classes and smilin’ because who could ask for anything better??

Things I’ve realized coming back to Tulane

  1. If I’m doubtful about going out, I’ve decided it’s always better to stay in and get work done or do something productive that will make me happy in the long run. Often when I’m pressured into going out when I’m on the fence about it, my night ends up being mediocre because I was neva feelin’ it from the start. Not always the case, but The Boot and Palms are always gonna be there, and same with the greasy ass mofos slidin’ around in those quarters every night spillin’ their drinks on you and dancing to Young Thug. Unless of course it’s a Thursday night and you’re going to see Alabama Shakes and dance your way down Frenchmen Street and hear some crazy good live music and buy cool local art. That’s ALWAYS worth it (because it was).
  2. Bruff dining is not as good as I thought it was freshman year. They rarely have Tomato Basil soup, their best soup, AND they stopped putting miniature Tony’s Creole Seasonings on the tables for you to sprinkle all ova your food. Cheap as HELL. The omelette line is always too long and their coffee is weak af. Bruff is kinda rough, but you just gotta do it sometimes.
  3. New Orleans loves to rain on the weekends and during festivals and game days, so you just gotta embrace it and wear a rain poncho
  4. Tulane is da best; I still love this place just as much as I did last year
  5. College is a great place to find some GREAT FRIENDS, I love my friends.



Maddie is comfy in her twin sized bed!!!


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