Stayin’ at Skewl for Fall Break

Last year and this year again, I decided to stay at school and explore New Orleans for fall break. And it was great the first time- my friend Veronica and I served movie directors n’ producers wine at the New Orleans Film Festival and we sang a lot of Taylor Swift. And this year was great too!!!!

This fall break I….

  • Kayaked through City Park
    • This is a fantastic way to spend your day, although I actually wanted to paddleboard but turns out there are some hungry ass crocodiles in the water and they don’t rent out paddleboards because they have no edge like kayaks and canoes. But the kayak was still fun and I sipped my lil drink and had my lil portable speaker and we all had a great time rollin’ down the river
  • Had fantastic BBQ at Blue Oak BBQ
  • Saw my favorite female podcast duo “GUYS WE F****ED” perform their anti-slut shaming podcast live with other guest comedian performances at a theatre downtown!!!!!! These two NY ladies Corinne and Kristina are hilarious and unapologetic and they always have interesting conversations and guests. This was the first time I’ve ever seen live comedy stand-up and a live podcast and I wore my high waisted patched-up jeans and it all just felt great.
  • Went on a one-night road trip to Gulfport, Mississippi
    • A group of us took an hour-long drive down and stayed at an Airbnb for a night. The airbnb was in this small cookie-cutter elderly community where all the houses were in different shades of pastel and suspiciously clean looking, it was like an episode out of the twilight zone except with elderly Mississippi folk who live by a poop beach. By that I mean it turns out the water was not very clean at that beach and we all kind of sensed that considering the wet sand in the water smelled like a fart and there were oil rigs a couple good feet away and we were the only ones on the beach except for one man, but he didn’t even touch the water… It was still super fun though!!
  • Saw a fun DJ at the Republic with my gals Peri n’ Audrey, enjoyed a nice din at Superior Seafood, enjoyed a nice brunch at Live Oak Café with my gals Veronica n Emma
  • Had a great ol’ time


I do wish I could have had one day at home just to see my fam n’ dogs and have some time away from all the craziness and eat a good spicy tuna rice cake and acai bowl BUT, it makes it even more exciting for when I come back in a few weeks . Anyways I thought I’d share some fun lil details about my fall break because I am sure you (my mom, mom’s friends, grandparents, and a maybe 4 kids my age) will actually read this!!!!! Ciaoooooo

Perfect day kayakin’ in City Park with sum music n’ friends n’ beverages

Deliciousness at the BBQ & Blues Festival!!

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