My First Two Weeks in Smashville: Festivals, First-Time Jobs and FAR too many Cowboy Hats

Moving to a new city is pretty overwhelming. You can research about the best restaurants and bars as much as you want, but nothing prepares you for the amount of inherited ignorance you assume when you make your first wrong turn down a one-way street. The sign is clearly there ( ONE WAY ONLY) but you were too busy looking down at Google maps on your phone trying to figure out how to get to the closest gas station, because you literally don’t even know where that is.

Me, Livi and our new friend

On stage celebrating her 21st with some random guys, that is until they forced me to drag her off the stage :) 

Caroline, Livi and I in da bathroom @ a fun bar called Losers

In the times where I have not gotten myself nearly killed on the road while using Google maps, I have surprisingly found myself clinging to the bedroom of my new, old house quire more frequently than I might have expected. Even outgoing adventurous people, who love big changes like moving to new cities where you know absolutely nobody and have two new jobs, can find themselves wandering back to their comfort zones. And since every thing here is new and foreign, the only thing I can truly be comfortable and in complete control within is my bedroom.

Some good ass cheap tacos me and the other interns at for lunch one day- liv luv taco

This is the sweet outdoor kitty who lives around me and my neighbor’s porches. I put out milk for him the other day and he liked it a lot, but I don’t think one of my housemates likes to feed him, so hopefully he isn’t reading this (sorry Jason)

At home there’s no required energy or effort in driving to your favorite restaurant, hanging out with your friends, going out to your regular spots and just doing the normal things you do in your city. But when you’re somewhere new, every ounce of any activity or interaction takes energy and effort- you have to make an effort to get to know new people and build relationships, make an effort to go out and explore new restaurants and places that you’ve never heard of, and make an effort to simply get used to minor changes like not having a sink disposal or a bedroom door that closes fully or automatic lights that turn off in your car, or a group chat of friends that are all available to meet up with at your every beckon and call.

But, this is all okay!!! It has taught me to step even more out of my comfort zone than what I already do, which has always been substantially past the shallow zone, anyways. I’ve had to find the motivation to drag myself out of bed to get lunch with myself on the days when my only couple of friends from my internship are out of town for the weekend. I’ve had to find the motivatation to attend the employee party for the people who work at the Mexican restaurant I just got hired as a hostess and server at, even though I barely know any of them and had to walk in and get greeted with a bunch of “Hi, oh wait I’m so sorry what’s your name?”.



And while it can be tough to get the hang of things, I think I’ve done a pretty dang good job, and I’ve gotten lucky with the friends I’ve made. Since coming to Nashville I’ve made a big effort at trying to make friends with anybody I can, especially the other interns at Thirty Tigers. Luckily they’ve been reciprocating that effort because ultimately we’re all in the same position- strangers from different cities just looking for other people to get drinks with!!!



Other than the bigger realizations I’ve come to find, there’s been smaller ones of equal significance:

  • Hot Yoga is really hard and really
  • Nashville IS a southern city, but the annual CMA Fest it hosts is the epitome of all the stereotypes I associate with the South, and it made me think Nashville was a LOT more obnoxiously Southern than it actually is, thankfully. I realized THIS after seeing Nashville after the hull and crowds of visitors for the CMA fest departed and what remained was the funky, artsy city of the perfect dose of Southern charm I was hoping to find here. As for Nashville during the CMA festival and Stanley Cup Playoffs weekend. I’m posting another blog all about the “southernisms” I have noticed since moving here :)

  • My internship at Thirty Tigers has been awesome so far- I’ve gotten to go to a live music shooting for one of our artists’’ Jason Isbell. His newest album was released this past Friday and we also held a meet and greet, signing and show at the Jack White’s famous record store here, Grimey’s. Not only this, but my boss puts me on a list for concerts are artists are performing at here so I get to go for free! I’m really enjoying the perks that come with interning in the music industry.

  • I also went hunting for REAL paying jobs, and GOT one! Right down the same street I live on! I will now be a hostess and server at Taco Mamacita, yay. And I must say…
    • My first day of work was shadowing a server on a Thursday night. Tacos have NEVER been so traumatizing. Being a server takes SO much more work and strategic thinking than I could have EVER imagined. From timing out how long your tables food will take to keeping up with refills, putting in orders into the complicated af computer systems, bussing tables, holding five plates on your arms, getting checks ready, and not collapsing, it’s A LOT. But apparently it’s a great life experience. My co-workers are a group of fun, eccentric quirky young people. So, I’m hoping to get some money, new friends, new patience for annoying people, and a quicker mind out of all of this, and I really think I will.

For now I’m just gonna keep explorin’ and livin to da fullest. Ciao ciao kweens

~ xoxo Ali ~

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