Tennessee Fleas


As you may know, I am the KWEEN of flea markets, so obviously I’ve done my fair share of flea-ing since arriving in Nashville. First, I attended the Porter Flea in Nashville, which only happens one weekend each summer and luckily I was here for it! It takes place in a huge warehouse and tons of funky vendors were there; it almost felt like browsing through shops on Venice and Santa Monica. I got a cute black maxi dress, a funky stone bangle and obviously a macaron because  of course they happened to have a vendor selling them lol I simply can’t be tamed around french pastries.


The next Saturday I attended the weekly Nashville Flea Market that takes place on the Fairgrounds. I was SO impressed- it nearly competed with my forever favorite flea, the Rosebowl Flea Market in Pasadena, CA. It was almost as big AND almost as well-stocked with quality vintage and antique furniture, clothes, guitars, turquoise jewelry and creepy baby doll heads, just how I love my flea markets to be.

I got an awesome antique brass lamp stand from the 50’s-60’s that I don’t have a good picture of, but is cute and funky vintage #af. I also got a Tulane shot glass, some turquoise, a jewelry ring holder, a couple records, a vintage coffee mug that is Saggitarius themed (bc obviously I’m a zodiac obsessed freak has my zodiac) and probably some other stuff I can’t seem to remember. What WAS better about this flea market compared to the rose bowl is that it had great stuff being sold a lot cheaper than it probably would have been at the rose bowl AND the vendors were more flexible with bargaining.


Keep on flea-ing

~xoxo Ali~

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