¡Hola mi guapas! I’ve been bad about posting photos and blogs from the past couple of weeks here in BCN, but here’s a post about my weekend in Amsterdam this September!!

I stayed with my good friend, Sophia in Amsterdam for a weekend and explored with her and my friends Hannah, Sydney, Amanda and Veronica.


basic ass amsterdam canal photo but do you think I GAF


This CHIC neck scarf featured here was an Amsterdam find, and by that I mean it was literally laying on a random bush out in the open and I claimed it. Luckily it doesn’t have lice because I think I would’ve know by now. It was actually sewed together as a headband but I ripped out the threads and now it’s my chic euro scarf. That is what I call OuiOui Chic-ifying, yes my kweens.


Sophia and my yummy latte. Such a lovely combo

During this brunch, Hannah Sophia and I thought it’d be a good idea to take the pancake off of another table’s plate because we thought they had finished and left. A reasonable thing for three dainty, polite girls to be doing of course. I slyly grabbed the tender pancake and placed it on to our table. It was time to FEAST. We were excited to dig in until THE BOYS FROM THE TABLE RETURNED TO FINISH THEIR MEAL THIRTY SECONDS LATER. We were laughing so hard that they clearly knew we were the ones who stole their pancake and one of them asked, “What’s going on here?”. Sophia and I were laughing so hard we didn’t hear him ask this, but Hannah did. It was horrifying. But nevertheless once they left we still ate the pancake bc we are beastsIMG_3911IMG_3925IMG_3929IMG_3952IMG_3945IMG_3967IMG_3896.jpg

just another ~quirky~ isolated doll body piece in a random outdoor area to share with you all! I truly love when I find these freaky things in random areas.


the BEST vanilla milkshake I’ve prob ever had and with a chocolate donut to TOP it all off, literally lmao. Did I finish it? I honestly don’t want to tell you the answer to that question bc it’s embarrassing lmao


Visited the Banksy and Salvador Dali exhibit in da Dam!!! IMG_3932

Queens feat. me Amanda, Sydney, Sophia and HannahIMG_4116IMG_3996IMG_4025


We took a venice canal boat tour!!! It was lovely and we ate different flavored Gouda cheeses (Amsterdam is known for them) but my FAVORITE cheese was the Old Amsterdam Cheese, of which I brought a huge slice of back for my Barce roommates. They love me because I bring back cheese for them wherever I go lmaoIMG_4017IMG_3998IMG_4092

My new zara pants that are really comfy and funky and I love them so don’t judge me for the grungy mirror pic please, thanku.



Veronica and I!!!IMG_4146IMG_4173IMG_4110IMG_4127

Amsterdam is known for their Pancakes, which are basically like French crepes but a bit thicker and fluffier. They are especially known for their dutch pancakes with apples and raisins n ish which sounds like Eh but this pancake was so delish wow.IMG_4163IMG_4164

Amanda and I!!!!!IMG_4177IMG_4136IMG_4144IMG_4151



One of the highlights of my trip was my first night- I got into Amsterdam at around midnight and went straight to a bar to meet up with my friends. One of the bouncer dudes held my suitcase for me all night lmao. We went to this funky little bar with a live band and my friends asked them if I could go up and sing a song with them!!!! They agreed and I did Valerie by Amy Winehouse bc it’s the first thing I could think of. The singer forced me to stay on stage after the song and sing MORE with him!!! I was so so happy my friends made me do that because I would NEVER have asked to do that otherwise and it will forever be a special moment of my abroad experience <3


Amsterdam is a fantabulous city that I recommend everyone visits!!!!

~xoxo Ali~

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