Carpinteria ’14

This year was Kalyn and I's most likely last time going to Carpinteria with our families at the start of the school season because next year we will be off in college! Here are some photos from the trip which included our traditional visit to Snowball where we get pina colada shaved ice with vanilla [...]

Inspiration Board: June

a girl sipping a coconut because.. so summer! I put up three friendship bracelets I made at the sleep away camp I've been going to for ten years each summer in remembrance of it because I won't be going this year :( I also put up a polaroid of me and my friend Neiv at [...]

Costa Rica Trip: Chillin’ in Manuel Antonio

For spring break, my family and I have journeyed our way from the smoggy California valley to the dense vivacious jungles of Costa Rica. Eleven days in this 100% humidity rainforest on the coast of the warm Pacific Sea (yes, warm because the ocean feels like a bathtub compared to the glacier cold masses at [...]