Livin’ the SUITE life

Posting this much later than I wrote it!! Another year yet here I find myself again procrastinating in a common room at 10:43 pm, studying for a test I just found out I have tomorrow, craving goldfish and writin’ a blog post. Livin’ in a suite with six other girls, the occasional cockroach and consistent [...]

Graduation/ Senior Year Thoughts

So it’s pretty crazy to think that in just a few short months some of the seniors, and some of my closest friends will be off in foreign parts of the country living with foreign faced dorm mates learning how to do their own laundry and live off of cup o’ noodle. I went to [...]

To SAT or not to SAT

Have you ever dreamt that you slept through your alarm and missed a giant test or interview but then you wake up and you’re like, “WHEW! Glad that wasn’t real!” ? For me, it wasn’t a dream it was a living nightmare. It was a hectic Friday night and I had just gotten back from [...]

ECCT 8: Hate Saying Goodbye

[Written on Saturday, October 12th] I am currently sitting in the airport between Emma and Isabel, and in the middle, is my Chipotle food baby. I always regret eating so much when I am wearing such tight leggings. Behind me, is Jack, who is another one of the many boys on this trip begging to [...]

ECCT 7: Philadelphia Freedom

        Other than Boston, most of the cities and towns we have traveled through and toured colleges at have been quite sleepy, empty, and almost a bit like ghost towns; of course this isn’t too much of a problem considering the colleges offer the majority of their student’s fun and entertainment to [...]