ECCT 8: Hate Saying Goodbye

[Written on Saturday, October 12th] I am currently sitting in the airport between Emma and Isabel, and in the middle, is my Chipotle food baby. I always regret eating so much when I am wearing such tight leggings. Behind me, is Jack, who is another one of the many boys on this trip begging to [...]

ECCT 7: Philadelphia Freedom

        Other than Boston, most of the cities and towns we have traveled through and toured colleges at have been quite sleepy, empty, and almost a bit like ghost towns; of course this isn’t too much of a problem considering the colleges offer the majority of their student’s fun and entertainment to [...]

ECCT 4: B as in Boston

Right now, I am sitting on the bus next to Caroline, pillow pets tightly gripped and our bodies limp and weak from the eventful day. As we depart Boston, I can’t help but feel sad; I was really starting to grow an attachment to this amazing city I know I will have to return to [...]

Boston Beginnings: ECCT Entry 2

After landing, we took our first steps into the crisp Boston air and it finally felt like fall. We took a bus to our hotel and I was ecstatic to see where the road led us. Through the rain-drop splattered glass windows I saw trees of autumn ombre shades and traditional Victorian style homes plopped [...]

East Coast College Tour Entry 1

After the hectic whirlwind of adjusting to a new school year, juggling daily extracurriculars and club meetings and applications topped with homework and studying, it is nice to get a break away from it all, even if it means taking a trip WITH my school. I I popped out of bed bright and early (well [...]